Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Everyday Should Prepare Us For The Next..... 9-2-15

We had to evacuate the dorm this morning because the fire alarm went off and I convinced a good majority of the Elders that it was me and it was because I put a frozen bagel in the microwave and put it in there for 9 minutes and then forgot about it. So as of later today, people keep giving me dirty looks or I can tell they are talking about me, hahaha... you gotta find your own fun here. I wonder who really did it, he should thank me! 

What I learned about tiredness is fake it till you make it! That's gonna be one of MY challenges in the field, I have no doubt! There never is time to make up for sleep, so if you lose it, it is as good as gone here! Can't sleep in class like in High School. Miss my Bengal buddy in Ms Griffiths class!

One of our teachers (investigators) had a fake baptism and four of us elders sang in a quartet. It was horrible. We have a lot to learn here - Unlike the language, musical talents haven't matured yet.

Elder Dayton's birthday was last P-day so that was a lot of fun and we played pin the tail on the donkey and that is for sure the most excited I've been since I arrived here ;) The many things we have to come up with to fill our few minutes available with fun and laughter.

The Elders in my district have found a new hobby of taking old ties and making new ones out of them by making them skinnier and such. I am horrible at sewing but oh well. Not a whole lot goes on down here, but it is nice to be able to talk to my bros from high school every night! Love them all!

Don't have many great stories, sorry. But I have had to 2 Apostles come and 2 great devotionals every week so that makes up for it. Below are some of what I gathered from them.

Weekly thoughts:
Elder Dallin H Oaks came and talked to us last night and this is what I got out of it:
*Our missions can transform us if we ALLOW them to
*Love your companion, we are all different but together we can be effective
*Do not give a lesson, teach your investigator
*Importance of Sacrament- to be taken regularly and appropriately
"All members of the Church should know the Sacrament Prayers by heart"
*Prepare to be led, and be WILLING to be led by the Spirit- 
*Gospel/Life Lesson: IF you assume, you will fail
*Spotless- an accumulation of right choices and continual repentance 

Everyone go read ALMA 34! We went over that chapter as a small group one of these past nights and I loved it. 

I have learned a lot and I don't just wanna throw down all that I have learned but here are a few things: 

*"Because of pride..." Nothing good ever comes from this sentence in the scriptures
*I need to 2x my efforts and work my hardest. Work hard on earth, rest in heaven. 
*Our rewards/blessings will come in the season that God sees fit. 
*Nothing spiritual in life is ever a coincidence- Brother Allen
*I need to be able to go and ASTONISH the people of where I teach
*Once I can truly make My way = God's way and have His Gospel = My Gospel, only then can I try to draw an equivalence to Him and be a true disciple 

Charles W Dahlquist II - 
*If I remember I am a Child of God, it should affect every decision I make 
*Everyday should prepare us for the next
*We must be solidly anchored if we are to help those that flail around 

By the way, I got a new NAME TAG.... check it out - my name in Russian - way cool!

Out of here for a week,
-Elder Devashrayee

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