Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last Week at the MTC..... 9-9-15

Hopefully next week I can tell some cool stories of my travels and what Ukraine is like, but as for now it is just another week in the MTC! BUT it is my last week here....

I just saw Elder (Jack) Johansen come in and have caught up with a lot of the elders that I was friends with before! It is fun having them all here! I received my flight plans on Friday so that was exciting! It means that I am getting close - YAY!  Flying into Chicago and then into Germany and then into Ukraine! I leave the MTC Monday morning at like 3:30am and arrive in Ukraine late Tuesday night. 

Other than that it is just making sure you are having fun and enjoying the little things or else it can be a long day at times! We had fast Sunday here (as everyone did) and we also had a mission conference in the morning to add on to the rest of the day's meetings. Elder Norton and I taught a lesson on Faith in our district Sunday School class and it went really well. It is nice to speak a little English here and there. We do skype on Monday mornings to teach lessons and this week we skyped a grandma from Russia, it was funny because she had missionaries with her when she was doing it so the whole time they could just see how bad we were at Russian. Made me wanna be on the other side of the call but my time will come. 

Other than pointless, kinda harmless, teenage bets and stuff like that.. not much to report on! Gerald Causse came and spoke last night, which was good, and the rest will just be things I learned throughout the week! Today was the last day I will have to go to the temple in a while also. So we made the best of it. I will miss going there once a week. Oh, Sunday Elder Norton and I blessed the Sacrament for the zone and we both bore our testimonies! It went great.  

Random Thoughts:
*Tithing is a test of faith, and timing is a test of faith. 
*When I share my testimony it is returned with increase. 

Alan C. Ashton- Provo temple President
*When you come across a scripture you like, say it over and over until it is a part of you. 

Holland (Replayed talk from a MTC address)
*OPEN YOUR MOUTH again haha - guess I need to understand that :)
*In Ephesians 6 we learn about what we have to protect ourselves, the sword is the only offensive weapon that we possess... go figure out what the sword is! 
*All satan has to do to win, is for us to be quiet.. he can't kill us, so the next best thing is to bind our tongues. If we do that ourselves, he has won. OPEN YOUR MOUTHS

Elder Carr- Christ was the perfect teacher and did miracles and even people rejected Him.. remember that. 

Elder Norton- Helping me see how we should really desire to follow the will of God whatever it may be. 

Brother Steinagel (teacher)- Never pretend to understand. Russians appreciate honesty. 

Brother Gerald Causse - 
*We can receive more joy in being instruments in God's hands than in thinking we did it all by ourselves. 
*Bold but humble. 
*The difference of being unworthy and worthy is small compared to the difference of being worthy and perfect.. 
*"Everyone is worthy to be invited to be baptized" 

Hope everyone is doing great! No idea when my next P-day will be but will write to you then! Last Goodbye from the MTC in Provo Utah! 
- Elder Devashrayee
One last MTC Selfie....

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