Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Arrived in Kyiv.... 9-15-15

We received a short email and a few photos from the mission office very early this morning. They are 9 hours ahead of us there.  He doesn't know what area he will be assigned to yet, nor who his trainer will be. A lot of change has occurred there - they just sent home 12 missionaries the day before this group arrived. So the Mission President is sorting through everything!

Group arrived at the airport

Once we hear from him again, on his P-Day we will post his emails here.  He will not have any internet access to Facebook, Instagram, or this blog but we will post stuff for him. He always loves emails and letters. Please notice the mission office address posted here on the blog. You can send pouch mail locally, but make sure you follow those rules precisely.

Thanks all for your love and support!


Notice who the only one NOT smiling is....

Beautiful Kyiv Temple

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