Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Silence Helps the Spirit Work..... 8-19-15

Proud to say that I have reached the half-way point here at the MTC! 
Celebration on our Half Way Mark - Yes, the Root Beer was GOOD!

Elder Norton found his flashcards from the first week and we were laughing at how easy all of the words were now. We have come a long way and sometimes we need something like that to help us realize we are making progression! 

Elder Norton and I have been making goals that are slightly unreachable.. not impossible.. but really really hard to achieve. I learned from this last week that being blunt and not usually having much to say other than what needs to be said, might turn out to be one of my strengths that will help me on my mission. We can be friendly and help them out with their lives as much as possible, but in the end, we are there for one thing and it is baptism. To quote my companion when preparing for a lesson, "Baptism isn't the only step to make it back to our Heavenly Father, it is the first step." I love the simplicity of the gospel and the way that we phrase sentences in Russian. 

Our Russian lessons here are going better than ever and we can pretty much say what we feel at this point in Russian.... the grammar isn't there, but the Spirit is. I have learned that silence can often be more important than meaningless filler-words. It gives the Spirit an opportunity to help us know what to say and helps answer the investigators answers. From Preach My Gospel, it states that it is More important to listen than to talk. 

A few things that I especially liked this week: 
* Are we not all beggars? (Mosiah 4) 
* Nashville Tribute Band came and sang for a devotional and in the Choir we sang "Born again" and John's Song. 
* I made a goal to have an over the top awkward moment with a random person here everyday. If you know me, you know that I strive for those and they keep me laughing. It also helps to have a little fun each day.
* I have started keeping a thought journal and I could probably sell it for close to 2k when I get back 
* President Larry J. Echo Hawk of the Seventy came and spoke
- We all have ONE decision to make, not thousands. Make up your mind now. 
- Good enough is no longer good enough. We must act. If we have a testimony, we should share it. If we have good intentions, we should follow through. If we are obedient, we should be exactly obedient. 
- "If               wouldn't have                  , I wouldn't be here today?" We need to realize that our names can be inserted in that sentence, and we can mean the world to someone we barely know at first. 

Personal thoughts:
* We are always an example to someone at every moment in our lives, we might as well make it positive. 
* If we Zealously strive to do anything, there is nothing that can stop us if we have God on our side. 
* Repentance should be a nightly occurrence. We can always find something to better in ourselves.
* If we are disciples of Christ, then we need to be able to teach of Him. If we are believers of Christ, then we must always follow Him. If we represent Christ, we are held accountable to act as he would at all times, in all places, and every way possible. 

Elder Devashrayee

The "FAMOUS" Map Photo Shot - you're welcome Mom :)

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