Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Put Away Distractions.... 8-12-15

The days seem to take a long time here but the weeks seem to pass by... its really weird.  I had heard that before but didn't realize it.

Every Wednesday night we teach a member a family home evening type lesson and last week did not disappoint. We were teaching someone and he would only say 1-3 word answers and was just on his phone and sighing and looking off into the distance for the whole lesson. We gave a great lesson but I was a couple seconds away from cracking up from laughter! I thought they told him to act that way and in a way just be rude and not even attempt to listen. So walking out I just thought it was funny and they were testing to see how we dealt with it. Turns out he wasn't supposed to do that and it was still kinda funny to me because the whole time I thought he was doing a good job acting. Nothing really great came out of the lesson so I decided to take what I could and related it to us. 

God is ready and willing to talk to us at any moment, we just have to put away our distractions here and then to heed his promptings and what the Holy Ghost has to tell us. I have really learned that it is through the spirit and someone's relationship with God that progression happens in their own personal conversion. We are just the instrument, and then if they ask God with real intent he will always answer. What we put in, we always get back. 

What Elder Norton and I studied on a lot was the intent and desires of our hearts. We discussed Ether 12 as a class and it helped me learn a whole lot more about faith. In order for miracles to occur, we must first have faith that they are possible, after we have faith and endure our trials, God will bless us and give us what we ask for. Personally, I have been asking for something for a long time, and I feel with my obedience and faith and humility I have been showing, the Lord has paid me back. I am so grateful for how the spirit works, and how God has a time and place for everything. One of my biggest questions has very recently been answered and I am beyond grateful for prayer. 

I was able to teach the district about 2 Nephi chapter 2 this week and luckily in English. Teaching in English is now easier than teasing Justin, which became a natural habit :) I am grateful for what I am learning. We had a great discussion on it. Near the beginning it states the "Salvation is free"... I invite you to read/ponder about it. 

Elder Norton and I passed off the First Vision on Sunday and it feels great to get that under our belts. I have been trying to learn how to not harden my heart against others, and have come to know what that feels like a lot more clearly and try to fix it a lot sooner. I was bugged by a few of the older missionaries here at first and during one Priesthood meeting I learned what they were going through and it taught me a good lesson that you never know what others are going through so don't judge. I'm gonna miss Brother Lehnhardt, he was one of our first teachers and he is a genius! Mark my words, he will make nuclear fusion happen. He is going to teach the new Russian speakers coming in. 

We listened to Elder C. Scott Grow last night and this is what I gained from it.... The Lord will answer our prayers in accordance to our desires, the intents of our hearts, and our diligence in sanctifying ourselves unto the Lord. 
- Elder Devashrayee
Our District Elders

Funny Happenings so far: 

An investigator asked why Jesus bled from every pore... not being able to answer that in Russian I said, "Why don't you find that out for yourself?" 

After an investigator poured out his heart I tried to say "Thanks for sharing" but it took me a solid minute and it was embarrassing

When explaining the God Head, I drew the Holy Ghost on the board as a Halloween/Pac Man ghost and starting dying of laughter. Elder Norton quickly changed it, but it was hilarious. 

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