Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Learn, Apply, Share...... 8-26-15

Not much to report here from the MTC because nearly the same thing happens here everyday... Don't believe me, here is my daily schedule:
6:30 wake up
7:15 breakfast 
7:45-8:35 personal/companion study
8:35-11:35 class
11:35-12:20 lunch
12:20-3:20 class
3:30-4:20 gym
4:50-5:35 dinner
5:35-6:00 Language
6-9 class
9-9:30 planning time 
10:15 quiet time
10:30 lights out

Other than the things that impressed me throughout the week it gets pretty monotonous at times, but I like it at the same time! Our lessons are getting better and better and we have noticed a difference in our lessons once we started praying for the other elder in a lesson when they started speaking. 

We have been focusing on the difference between powerful and effective teaching. More and more I learn that I need to love the people around me and learn to grow more Christlike. I have been reading one principle Christ teaches daily and then I try to apply it to my life and it is helping a lot. 

The rest I have are just personal thoughts of what I have learned and not cool stories cause.. you know.. I'm in Provo. 

* Righteousness=Happiness      Righteousness= Forever
Good way to grow your testimony and that of others.... Learn, apply, share
If we are doing what we should at all times, spiritual promptings will just be how we live our lives. They don't need to be something huge if it is how we already act. 
We cannot be shaken if we always remember.... (I gave experiences where I felt the Spirit Strongly that day, lesson, devotional, etc.) 
The gospel always comes from simple and humble means
President Heaps and how he views trial.. "What great blessing is in store for him/her.." If we view trials with knowing the promise of a blessing it will help us through them. 
Choir leader- gave the analogy of death being like how our mom or dad drops us off for school, and then comes and picks us up. It is sad for the people they leave behind, but for the person being picked up it is a happy time. Some people just go to school for a different amount of periods than others.. 
Stephen B Allen- Do not be a rear-view missionary 
Lawrence E Corbridge-  "If they understood, they would do anything to have it [Gospel] in their lives"  We need to help people understand. 

***Congrats to Lexi Wall for being one of the newest members of the Church! Baptized on August 22nd. :) 

***S/O to Trevor Jensen and Sabrina Wallace. Get better soon you two! Cousin Trent, get better too! All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Elder Devashrayee
"Study Time" trying new ways.....

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