Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Asking Inspired Questions..... 8-5-15

The Russian is coming along! It is reassuring when Nephi said, "O wretched man that I am!"  It is comforting to think that a prophet of God, of his stature and power, felt inadequate at times. I have learned to personalize scriptures to myself and also liken them unto others. 

My companion and I are working really hard and constantly are striving to become better. Whenever we have an amazing lesson planned, we end up not even teaching it and go completely by the Spirit and what we can say as of now. Very little but more every day.

I loved Chapter 9 of Second Nephi. It was my favorite chapter I read this week, no doubt. I have learned that we can personally commit to the Lord and step over on His side and be there 100% of the time. 100% is the easiest way. We can truly pray for anything if we ask with a sincere heart and with real intent. It had never occurred to me all of the things we can pray for and ask God for answers. 

I'm short on time so I'll wrap it up with the fact that Sunday night Sheri Dew came and talked to us and the main point I received was the ministering of angels. Russell M. Nelson came Tuesday night and the biggest witness and testimony builder I had was the feeling that overcame me when he walked in. I wrote in my journal, "I simply sampled of the joy that I will feel when I meet Jesus." It was amazing. 

The one thing I am praying for is to learn how to ask inspired questions to investigators. Russell M. Nelson also stressed the importance and the blessing of multi-generational families. When that is accomplished with our investigators, or with the family we create, we can truly know that we have done our part! We provide baptism, but the blessing of the temple and the ordinances within it's walls are the ultimate goals. So long. Have a great week!
-Elder Devashrayee
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