Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Flashlight or Floodlight???? 7-29-15

This last week went by a whole lot faster than the previous one. I keep taking baby steps to be able to speak Russian. I haven't gained any weight yet and I'm semi-proud of it. A lot of sitting occurs here!

This week had it's trials for sure. I had a headache to start off the week and it lingered. Nine hours of class and trying to learn/speak Russian did not help one bit. I took it as a learning opportunity and tried to think of what the Lord was trying to tell me. Once I fixed a few things personally it seemed to vanish and I have felt a lot better. 

I assigned one of the Elders in our district to be our Dad, so he can tuck us in at night, ruffle our hair, and say "Goodnight Tyke". You have to find the little things to enjoy here and I think that it is hilarious. 

Ohhhhh man... THE 24th... I said, "happy MTC-ville days!" to people that day and not a whole lot of people knew what I was talking about, or they thought I had been here 9 weeks already and had gone crazy. Walking back to the dorm that night I heard fireworks going off.. that was probably harder than saying goodbye to my family at the curb. ;) I ran inside and tried not to think about what everyone was doing! I just love fireworks and Butlerville Days.

Every so often the Elders in our district take a break and have a little bro-talk and it really relieves the stress. We took a test about our strengths and weaknesses and I really need to work on patience it turns out. 

The scripture stories that we went over this week that really stuck out were the vision of the tree of life and the laborers in the vineyard parable. In the laborer one, we really went in-depth and I felt like I had some great personal revelation about it. It seems unfair that the workers who just showed up got paid the same amount that the workers who were there the whole week did. The spirit made me think of how the workers who were suffering and looking for jobs were stressed and not happy the whole day because they weren't sure how they could provide for their families for the day. On the other hand, the workers in the vineyard might have put in more work, but they knew of the promise at the end and they had job security. I would relate job security to always following the commandments. 

Elder Norton and I had our first street contacting practice this week when we walked off the grounds and tried to hitchhike. It didn't work, so we came back and taught one of our teachers sitting on a bench. It was crazy how far we had come and we were able to teach him and give him commitments. In 1 Nephi 21:16 I found a great scripture about never forgetting our Savior, because he will never forget us. I am going to try to look at that every Sunday when I partake of the sacrament from now on. I'll leave it up to you to look it up. 

In 2 Nephi 1: 13-15 it talks about Awakening. Whatever it is, we need to awake. I love how it also says that we need to ARISE. We need to magnify our calling and be up to the tasks ahead of us. Elder Norton and I made some very challenging goals the other day, but we don't have any doubt in our minds that we can't accomplish them. In the scriptures it mentions that "Salvation is Free". Salvation truly is free to us, but all it takes is humility. In the Tuesday night devotional, the main message was personal revelation and I remember this quote (not sure if he said it or quoted it himself), "The Lord never uses a floodlight, when a flashlight is sufficient..." The mish is great. 
-Elder Devashrayee
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