Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day Two - Note Home.... 7-16-2015

So, we received a small and simple note from Derek that he wrote on his second day there...
Yes, that is a normal size pen next to it... not sure how long it took him to locate such a small piece of paper to write us on :)  That is Derek's "humor" shining through!  Here is what he had to say:

I'm now on my second day and everything has gone really well! I'm completely fine and safe and really happy to be here. Russian is way crazy and cook and I'm excited to keep getting better.
My comp is Elder Norton and he is way cool. The food is pretty good! I need to remember to still drink water and not just chocolate milk and juice - YUM! My P-day is Wednesday. So until then, love you guys,
Love,  E Devashrayee

******  I will usually post his emails directly to this blog site, but since this was a letter I just typed it in.

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