Monday, June 22, 2015

My Last Two Weeks Sprinting Forward..... 6-22-15

What a week we had here in Colonia/Carmelo! It was filled with great things and to be honest I am really excited for the Branch here. I am going to miss it as well.

I'm going to start off with the "surprise" blessing that happened Tuesday. So a about 2 weeks ago we had had a lesson with a Woman named Ibon. She was the one that had invited us over as we walked with her going to another lesson. After the first lesson she seemed very enthused about what we have to share, but the next couple of times we tried to set things up she kept telling us that "she will let us know-  I'm really busy". That has always been the sign that they are normally not to interested. So we hadn't talked to her for about a week when we randomly got a text from her asking to stop by in the afternoon! We went and right when we got there she told us that she had read the Restoration Pamphlet a couple of times and asked how we baptize in our church. It was quite the question and we loved hearing it! We taught about  the Book of Mormon and how Christ teaches about Baptism in it. She said she was going to read, ponder and pray about the book, really studying Chapter 11 of 3rd Nephi! We invited her to be baptized and she said she would when she knows for herself that it is the truth. Great experience that I enjoyed. 

Elder Owen and I also did divisions in a little branch called El General and it ended up being a great day for us both to work with other missionaries and see miracles with them! They were really excited to finish the day and had great chances to keep finding and teaching. We also had Interviews with President Smith and we were in charge of the Training during the interviews. We really focused on the importance of Ministering to the needs of the people and teaching to those that want to progress. 

I really enjoy being here in Colonia and have had quite the growing experience here. I loved talking to President too. It was weird hearing him tell me that this is it.... you need to go out with a bang these next 2 weeks! I couldn't believe it and it was even more real to me when I had to give my "last testimony" to the Zone. I had the chance to think back to when I first started here in Carmelo and what my testimony was to how I feel now about the Lord and His work. I have truly been blessed. 

We got back to Carmelo and Patricia was finally doing better after a long stretch of being sick. We talked about Alma 7 with her and how Christ not only took upon Him our sins but the Sicknesses and Trials and Temptations that are before us. It also talks about Baptism and she said she definitely wants to be baptized but is going to do it when she feels she is ready and repented of her past mistakes- It was comforting to hear that and we are excited to keep teaching her and helping her repent. We have been called to do it! 

And today we had quite the P day with the Zone :) We all met up in Colonia Sacramento and we had a huge Asado! Elder Owen hadn't spent the change before coming to Carmelo saving coins and then these past 2 changes together we have been doing the same putting all the change in a "Pringles" can. We counted it today and we had enough to buy the whole zone some meat to grill up!! It was pretty delicious today and brought the memory of being the BBQ man back home. 

I'm looking forward to more miracles and I'm going out sprinting!! I know that we are part of a great work that the Lord is doing in these last days! We have been called to help lift others that have fallen with the Restored Gospel. 2 Nephi 25: 17. I know that Christ lives and has felt what we have gone through and offers us rest taking upon us His yoke. He is the Savior of this world and my Redeemer. Thanks for the Love and Prayers! Have a great week! See you in two weeks!
                          ELDER Devashrayee

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