Monday, June 1, 2015

Miracle Month Begins!..... 6-1-15

Well people, what a week! A lot of traveling has been done lately, but was done for righteous purposes. We went down to Montevideo to have a leadership Council and be taught by the Assistants and President  Smith. We were all asked to go prepared with a 15 minute lesson about the Gathering of Israel to share and President was going to pick 2 companionship's. Well of course we were one of the companionship's picked haha. It went really well though and we focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon in the Gathering of Israel. We truly are a blessed people to have the Book of Mormon and with the Spirit it is the strongest tool to Conversion. 

We were then able to hear from others what we can keep doing better and President helped us a lot. He wants us to be sharing the Doctrine of the Gathering with the Members and help them understand that they are the ones, that they are part of the House of Israel and need to start making plans of how they are going to "bless the families on their street with the Gospel." The Gathering comes down to what we do in inviting and helping those around us feel of the Blessings that God Covenanted with Abraham 2: 9-11. The members house should be a refuge and a "center of Gathering" for that block or part of the neighborhood. 

We learned of a lot of other things and Friday we traveled to share it with the Zone. We had a good Zone Training, and it was definitely a task to get all of the Direction compiled down to 2 hours. The Zone took it really well and that is our Goal for Colonia- Build up Zion by Gathering the House of Israel through the members. They have been put where they are for a reason. We ALL have been. 

We had an experience with an Hermana that has been out of town the past months and came back. We decided to share with her and put into practice what we had learned during the week. I have to say it is easy to see when a Member or Less Active is reading or not. Those that read have been able to feel the importance of being part of the House of Israel and act. She was one of them. We were able to help her see the role she has where she lives without telling her and gave us a reference of the Neighbor that lives on the corner. I know that we are part of Gods Plan and just like Jacob 6:2 says the Second Coming happens after the Gathering of the House of Israel. We are going to be helping the Members read the Book of Mormon every day and help them understand the Doctrine that is found in that Book. 

We had a study about it the other day as a companionship and there are so many passages about "Coming unto Christ" and the blessing for doing so. The Book of Mormon teaches just that. This Saturday we are going to have the Baptism of Gaston Figueredo as well! He is coming back to church and is more excited than ever! That spark is going to be a boost in the Branch and I know that we will keep seeing miracles as we push forward. June is going to be a Miracle Month! :) 

I'm so grateful for the Gospel in my life and the Infinite Love of My Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. This is their work and I have been seeing even more of that in who I am and what Their Gospel has done in me. I know that it is True. Thanks for your love and support! Have a great week to start June!
                 ELDER Devashrayee
 Trying to get a photo --- the 10 sec timer wasn't long enough as you can tell below :)

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