Monday, June 8, 2015

Blessings From Hard Work & Love..... 6-8-15

Another great week here to report about from Carmelo! I have to say I am already seeing great things in the Branch and we received many blessings this past week. 

We had 2 divisions this week. The first one was with one of our District Leaders. I stayed here in Carmelo with Elder Guevara and Elder Owen went up to Palmira with Elder Pettingil. We started the Division out seeing something great. Patricia had told us that she wasn't doing too well so she wasn't going to be able to have the lesson that day, but we wanted to stop by and at least give her a blessing with one of the sister members that lives a few blocks away. It turns out that they had grown up together, but hadn't seen each other for a long time! We set up for a lesson the next day and it was a positive note to start out with. 

We finished that day talking with the 2nd Counselor and his wife about Family History Work since her mom, Mabel, is going to need help with the preparation of the information of Mabel´s husband who passed away 8 years ago. We found out that in their whole time as members they had never done Family History Work and both the 2nd Counselor and his wife had work to do for their parents. It was a spiritual experience for everyone there, feeling of the importance of the family and the true reason why we do that work- Heaven wouldn't be heaven without our whole family there! 

Divisions ended the next morning and that day Elder Owen and I had more experiences. About a week ago we were walking down the street and a woman walking back to her house took the same road. We started talking and without asking she invited us to pass by her house the next week. We wanted to go with a member and we went through practically the whole list of Sisters to do it. We arrived at Ibon's house and she told us that she had an interest in knowing what our "mission" is. She enjoyed what we had to say about the Restoration and invited us to come back another time to talk about the Book of Mormon. Hopefully she keeps progressing well! 

That same night we were able to go with Patricia and her 14 year old Daughter Ayelen to The De Los Santos house for a Family Home Evening. It was a great experience for her and she told us after "it is nice to be able to enjoy the time with such great people." She wasn't able to go to church yesterday because she was sick, but is moving along really well and enjoying the Spirit. 

Later in the week we went down to Montevideo again to have divisions with the AP's. I was with Elder Goold and it was strange working in Downtown Montevideo... I have never had an area there and it was strange with all the noise and movement. We had cool lessons and the best part was talking about the mission and what we can do to move the work along. The Area 70 Plan is being understood better and the mission is progressing. There are many people prepared that are going to be a help and strength for the branches D&C 39: 10-12. There is a greater work than the Baptism! 

Then this weekend was the baptism of Gaston Figueredo. He had been "out of the church" for about 10 years and was excited to be able to be baptized again. It was a small intimate group with his family, the missionaries, and the Counselors. A spiritual experience for everyone and his family is going to be blessed greatly. He has a lot of faith and is putting the Lord first. 

Then came yesterday. It was the best Fast Sunday that I have personally had in Carmelo. A lot of people were there and the Spirit was touching the hearts of many. The counselor at the end said that he had never seen everyone so attentive. Gaston bore his testimony as well :) White shirt and tie and a big sigh of relief. The Branch has good things ahead of them. 3 Nephi 18: 31-32 was what I was studying about today and felt the truth of what it teaches to us. We are His Instruments and He knows each and every single one of us. I know that this is His work and I am so grateful to be able to minister to others and take part in guiding them to Salvation. Hope everyone has a great week and Happy Summer! (it is pretty cold here)
                  ELDER Devashrayee

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