Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Muchachos We Are & Get to Stay Here in Carmelo..... 5-19-15

Well, It was a great week to finish the change here in Carmelo. To be honest it couldn't have ended better! The news is pretty expected though- Elder Owen and I are going to stay together for this last change and we couldn't be any more excited for it! 

So some of the cool experiences from this last week are first the Investigator that we found. We had a lesson with her because the Convert Graciela that just got baptized last week is her sister. She doesn't have any religious background and has listened to us 2 times now and has been progressing a lot as well. The part that really helped her most was going to Gracielas Baptism Saturday. She said she got goosebumps seeing her sister in the Water and the peace that was felt there! She stayed after with us as well to play some Volleyball and loved the night. She is going to need a lot of teaching and that is where we are counting on the Spirit to help understand- good Communication is Spiritual.

The other Investigator that we have been teaching her name is Patricia. It has been hard to see her lately because she was in the hospital with her Daughter-in-law who, we found out, had tried to commit suicide. Sad to hear, but she is doing better now and was released to go to a rehab so that is good progress. We went last Saturday before the baptism to teach her about the Priesthood Authority and the blessing that we have today to have that Authority in the Church. We read with her from 3 Nephi 11 and she loved the part where Christ tells them that that is the way to Baptize and there will be no "Disputes" about it. She is progressing a lot and loving the Book of Mormon. The husband will be difficult still, but this week we hope to have more contact with him. 

We also found another Investigator this week that in all reality found us :) Those are always cool and sure bring a special spirit. We were walking along on our way to a members house to teach her, and we decided to take a different street that we normally don't walk down because it takes a little longer. That is when a guy with a couple of his kids came up to us and the first thing he asked us was at what time is the church on Sunday! (He couldn't end up going) But he began telling us that he was in prison for awhile and while there he had the reoccurring thought of the "muchachos" that had stopped by his house years earlier and felt that the church is what he needed. We are excited to see how he does growing and accepting Christ in his life. It was a testimony to me of how the Lord is preparing people and guiding us. We truly are instruments in his hands and I'm so grateful for the experiences that He has been letting me have as a missionary. 

I have to say that I am enjoying a lot Alma 17-26. Just so many Spiritual Experiences that those missionaries had and were definitely great examples of being true disciples of Christ and teaching His Gospel despite the circumstances. They had hard times, but had a few "ones" that were converted and many more after were then converted. That great patience and diligence brought miracles. I am so grateful for the scriptures and what they teach me daily and the examples found in them. I know that this is His Church and has blessings for all those that want to listen and act. Thanks for your love and support- I can truly feel it and I'm excited to make the most out of this last change! Have a great week!
             ELDER Devashrayee
Carmelo District - May 2015

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