Monday, May 4, 2015

Center Yourself on Love & Sacrifice...... 5-4-15

B-e-a-utiful week here in Carmelo. We had some sweet rain storms and the cool weather came with it, but the work kept going forward! We had some great things happen and I would like to start with the news from the "mission changes." 

The Key Indicators were changed again and it has been turned into a straight focus of Conversion of the Members, Investigators, and Us. We are focusing on the Gathering of Israel through our Conversion to progress toward Eternal Life. It was a week that I truly enjoyed because I was even more able to be free doing what I felt and not worrying about "numbers." It was ALL just seeing what the people need. We are putting a renewed focus on the members with Active Recommends for the Temple and reactivating the Less Active, along with making the effort to help/find those that are ready to enter in the Path through Repentance and Baptism. We saw fruits from that, and I personally felt like an even greater instrument in the hands of the Lord. 

We had a contact 2 weeks ago that Elder Pettingill and I had made during divisions and we were able to go back. Patricia let us in and said that she had been reading a little from the Restoration Pamphlet up until it talked about Spring 1820. :) It was a special lesson because of the focus that she had on the Spirit of the Lesson. Great questions were made and she understood what had happened during the Apostasy and when we started talking about a boy in 1820 had questions she clicked in even more. Patricia had never prayed with a "extranjero" (stranger) before but she did with us and is looking to receive an answer. We asked her when she received an answer and knew for herself that it is the truth if she would be baptized. She answered with a smile and said yes. I think she has already felt it.  The next goal we have is to be able to talk to the husband who is only home Saturday night and Sunday and is Atheist. We are ready for the Challenge! 

The other contact this week was with a less active family that we talked with about the temple and letting go of the past rumors and wrong things said and putting a focus on what the most important thing is: Being an Eternal Family and living with God and Christ again. We spoke extremely clearly and read from Alma 5:38-42 about Christ calling us in His name and the Spirit testified of the need they have to get over it and start going again. Sunday the couple was in church! Now we just want to work with their kids and help them keep going forward. I feel that what they say about having an Eternal Perspective of everything is what will keep us going in Faith. 

This work is true and I know that it is all Centered on Love and Sacrifice. We love God and Christ because they loved us first and have already given the greatest Sacrifice- an Eternal one. I know that God has a Plan of Happiness that is centered on that Great and Last Sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is to know of these things and feel that peace. This is His Gospel. Love you all and thanks for the prayers and support! Have a great week!
                  ELDER Devashrayee
"COOL" weather Sunday :)

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