Monday, April 13, 2015

We Survived a Taxi Strike - Yea!...... 4-13-15

What's up everyone!? Don't have too much time but what a crazy week we had down here in Carmelo with changes and everything. And to be honest that is where I feel like I should start out. Lets just say that Tuesday night and Wednesday was complete Chaos due to the fact that in Montevideo there was a taxi strike after a taxi driver was shot and killed. So all of the missionaries that had to travel from Montevideo had a fun time. That also meant missionaries missed their bus- My comp Elder Owen was one of them. The whole zone was calling me Wednesday morning with problems about the bus situation. For example how are they going to stay with someone while their comp is coming because the Zone of Colonia is all spread out. I don't know how many calls I made and received in a 4 hour span. I learned a lot though and now I'm just really excited for changes in the future that won't be like these last ones. 

This past week with Elder Owen though has been awesome (even though he is a Hawk;) )! I really enjoy being able to work with him and we have a lot to do here in CARMELO. We had 2 experiences that I enjoyed a lot. One was with Mabel- the women who is going to be baptized the 9th of May. We went with her son in law and daughter to visit and one of the other sons of Mabel, Gustavo, ended up being there as well! We talked about the Sabbath Day and the importance of Keeping it holy. I love Mosiah 13: 16-19 and D&C 59: 9-11 to teach it and ask questions. The Spirit was there and everyone grew in their understanding of Sunday for the Lord. We asked Gustavo how he was feeling and what he was thinking about the message. He answered "I feel a lot of love and peace, I trust what you guys are saying and feel that you are more worried about me being happy." It was cool to hear that.  Now that a seed was planted in his heart, hopefully we can work with him more. Mabel is more than excited and has been showing a lot of signs of her true conversion in D&C 20:37. She wants to be baptized and is moving forward. 

The other one we had actually was yesterday going out to teach. Marcelo and Belen didn't go to church again because of some complications. We talked to them about Obedience and the fact it is the only way to truly progress. They have seen the importance of obedience and how it has blessed them reading and praying. It is a slow and steady process with them, but I'm so grateful to be working with them and seeing them realize that it is the truth that we are teaching. 

It was right after that lesson while we were walking when we passed by a couple outside drinking their famous Maté. We started talking to them and their dog came over to us and was really nice. We asked what his name was and it was Owen! It was the conversation starter and he told us that he believes in God and nothing more, but has received and applied pointers from others. We asked him if we could give him some counsel as well :) We shared what we do as missionaries and how the Gospel of Christ blesses the family as we are obedient. By the end they were comfortable with what we shared and said they were going to pray to see if it is something good for them and their family. Next Saturday we can go back and we will see how it went for them! We both left excited for them and anxious to go back.

I know that this is His Gospel and the is His Church and His Work. I am so grateful to be out here working and growing. Thanks for all of the support and prayers! Have a great week!
              ELDER Devashrayee

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