Monday, April 20, 2015

Live Radio Interview - Nailed It!......... 4-20-15

This past week flew by! Everyone was right when they say as one gets older the days move by quicker! (I only have 20 years and I don't evn want to imagine how fast it goes for more seasoned people).  Ha ha!! 

We were able to see the Lords hand this week in the work and the zone. We have been announcing a Community Activity Night in the Church to be able to see the "Meet the Mormons" movie because there aren't movie theaters except in Montevideo. We thought of different ways to get the news out and we had an extraordinary opportunity. One of the members here hopped on the inviting band wagon and went and talked to 2 radio stations that they have here in Carmelo. One of the stations gave us time to talk Wednesday in the morning and the other Friday! The one on Wednesday was recorded on one of those hand held recorders and then was broadcast later in the day.  But the one Friday morning was a live "talk show." They asked us a few questions about what we are doing here so far away from our homes and family. We were able to talk about what we do and the message of Christ we carry to the World. We were able to announce the activity to the whole town just hoping that at least we will see one fruit from it! I was pretty nervous especially with the live broadcast, but it all turned out great and the Spanish didn't fail me! 

The best part was that the member that was there as well basically bore his testimony about how the church had changed his life and how the Movie will help all families see how Mormons really are. Then later Friday afternoon we were contacting on a way to a lesson and we started conversing with a woman and she actually let us share the Restoration with her even though she doesn't believe in churches. The lesson went well and she said that she isn't going to promise anything but would try to go sometime. We invited her to the movie night and she told us "Ya I heard you guys talking this morning- Its Friday the 24th at 7 right?" Someone heard and listened!  

The other big news that we have as a mission is the fact that Elder Oaks is coming to speak to us Uruguayan missionaries! We have been given the counsel to read Mark 4 about the Parable of the Sower. It has been cool to study it and see the Similarity between Mark 4, 1 Nephi 8 and Alma 32. It describes us perfectly and how the Seed of the Word is planted in our hearts and depends on what we do with it to help it keep growing. 

I also got a call from the Zone Leaders in Oeste Montevideo that I was going to be singing a base part of a special arrangement of the song I Stand all Amazed- Asombro me da. (laughing out loud) For some reason they think that I know how to sing base or something because of being tall, when in reality I just follow the person standing next to me really well. I already asked to stand next to Elder Johnson singing base so I don't make a fool out of the Uruguay missions in front of Elder Oaks :) 

Mabel keeps progressing and her firmness in wanting to stay strong to the Gospel for her "last years" as she always tells us. She struggles a bit understanding everything, but has the desire to keep learning and definitely has a testimony of God and Jesus Christ. The Amarillo Family that has the Dog named Owen (my comp just loves the fact that he has a dog named after him) work a ton and they honestly said that they didn't get around to reading or praying. He has a little bit of "harder soil" and said that he will have to decide to do it when he wants, but his wife was more receptive and said that she will pray. They are a great family and hopefully they will have answers and look for the truth.

I know that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it blesses the family. It is the only way to have true happiness in this life and I have seen that truth. I know that Christ lives and is always there to strengthen us and help us change. Love you all and hope you have a great week! 
                    ELDER Devashrayee
Travis & Elder Owen

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