Monday, April 27, 2015

Elder Oaks Visits & Movie Night Success...... 4-27-15

What a week it was people! Great Blessings and progress made towards the future. For me and for this wonderful area!

So like I was saying last week that Elder Oaks was coming- He came and what a powerful hour it was to listen to him. It was quite the trip though to get to that wonderful hour. We left Monday night to get down to Colonia Centro where the rented bus was starting from to make the few stops through other areas in Colonia. We got to the Centro Church and there were 10 of us Elders there. 2 had gotten there before us and had fallen asleep already with the keys... We couldn't get in and they weren't waking up! We were outside waiting for awhile and one of them miraculously woke up to let us in. 

We slept there for 2 hours and then got up to get on the bus and head out to pick up the rest. None of the 28 missionaries had slept past their alarm or were late so that was a blessing well accepted by us Zone Leaders. That doesn't always happen! We traveled to the Stake Center in Cerro (the Stake Center that I went to in Delta Del Tigre) to meet as Our Montevideo Mision Oeste group to listen to President Smith talk to us about the great things that have been happening in the mission this year. I'm so grateful to be out here at this time and for the things that I have been able to experience and do as a missionary. He had us all feeling the Spirit and ready to go to the other Stake Center. The Choir also got the chance to be able to practice and we left feeling really good about the piece we were singing. 

We arrived at the other Stake Center and met up with the other mission, which was cool. A ton of missionaries there! Elder Oaks and his wife did such a great job. They first let every single one of us 500 missionaries shake their hands! He is pretty tall too :) What an experience that was though. Sister Oaks talked about Obedience from the heart not just obedience to the schedule. Just being obedient will not benefit us like willingly obeying because of the Love we have for Him. 

Elder Oaks talked about how the mission isn't the end of life. Our ultimate goal is to make and keep Sacred Covenants with our Father in Heaven. He then made a great comparison of what the Lord is talking about when He wants us to be instruments in His hands. We went over Alma 17 and he compared us to a pen. The pen has an ink cartridge inside that allows the pen to write- that is the knowledge and Spirit that we diligently search. He said that the little "button" that pushes the tip out is our health. It doesn't matter how much ink we might have if we are not able "to be engaged" like the pen that doesn't click. He told us to always be taking care of ourselves physically to be able to work. 

He then talked about being a 24/7 missionary. The pen doesn't decide when it writes- The Writer decides that and we should always be ready. That requires humility and willingness to do His will. He said that is a successful missionary. All of the expense that the church puts into the missionary work is for US to be an instrument in His hands now and for the rest of our lives. The song we sang turned out well and I enjoyed every moment! 

The other great activity was the Meet the Mormons movie night. About 45 people went and all of them left very edified. A few of the members were crying during it and definitely left all of them wanting to serve and be a better light to Carmelo. Not as many people went that we were wanting, but those that did go were lifted Spiritually so we counted it as a great success!

I just have to say that I feel a special Spirit here in Carmelo and hopefully it will keep growing. There is a need to just Look Forward and let go of the past mistakes and follies. Doing it faithfully will lead to Miracles. I know that this is Gods work and He lets us be a part of it to help us grow and feel TRUE Happiness. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and contains the Fullness of the Gospel. I know Joseph Smith translated it by the Power of God and was a true Prophet of the Lord called to Restore His Church on Earth. Love you all and hope you have a great week!
              ELDER Devashrayee
Back Painting the same "Reserve" that I helped paint when I first arrived in Uruguay...
Great Memories and Service Project!

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