Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter & General Conference - what a great week!...... 4-7-15

Hello Family and Friends! I need to start off by giving Derek a Special Shout Out for the Mission Call he Received! Ukraine is going to be lucky to have you there and you will be one scary guy speaking Russian :) He is already so much more prepared then I was and I can see it in him. I'm truly so proud of him. I couldn't help but think of him when Holland was talking about the 2 brothers and how the Little brother was there to Save the older one. I know that he has been such a great example and will have great changes these next 2 years! 

What a special week we had to celebrate last week. I am so grateful for what Christ did and the chance we had to remember and Celebrate it! Now for the great weekend of Conference. It is hard to actually put into words what I thought of the Conference. I just have to say that I loved Elder Holland's talk on the Atonement of Christ. The Spirit testified so strongly and I'm so grateful for Living Prophets and Apostles. Now it will be fun to be able to study what they said in the future with more time. Hope everyone enjoyed the Conference as well! 

This past week we saw a lot of hearts open to listen to us because of Easter and the Video the Church made to share with everyone. We met as a Zone, made copies of the Video and then we all went out to share it. That video has power and it was felt. I have never seen so many people let us pass by and share with them our message. This week we have a lot of people to go to and follow up with. 

As you can tell it is change week and those visits will be done with a different companion though. Elder Gomez is officially on the plane home on Thursday and he has been a great example to everyone of dedication and desire to work for the Lord. It was a great week to end with with him.

My next comp is a special one. It is Elder Owen From Draper Utah that is from my MTC group! We both got our calls the same day to the same mission, just the only unfortunate difference was he was at Alta... ;)  I am way excited to be able to work with him. The Lord has many things to do here in Colonia and we want to keep growing. It was a shorter time to write today because of all of the things we need to do but I love you all and hope you have a great day!! 
                       ELDER Devashrayee
Elder Gomez, Mabel and Me - watching Conference

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