Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Work of Faith and Dedication...... 3-16-15

Hope all is going well for everyone! Another great week here in Carmelo- Full of learning and blessings. I'm going to start off with those people that are moving forward and really giving us positive vibes, the good stuff :)

Remember that couple that listened to us last week? Marcelo and Belen are doing great! We were out of our area for a couple days of the week so we could only see them 2 times, but those times were great experiences. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its 5 Fundamental Steps: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receive the Holy Ghost, and Persevere to the end. They understood really well and Belen accepted to be baptized when she felt that it was what God wants for her! Marcelo is a little more closed due to the past he has had with Religion but said that if his wife feels good about it he will do it too. They, women, truly do have a lot of sway over us men! 

The other lesson with them we focused on the Priesthood and the examples of Christ ordaining Apostles with the Authority in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. They understood the importance of that Authority and how it was restored to the Earth again in our days and it is found in Christ´s Church. We are excited for them and this week we are going to teach the Plan of Salvation and help them see the importance of Marriage and Family in God´s Plan- They were going to get married awhile back, but Marcelo got scared and didn't show up.... so maybe understanding the reason why better his fear will go away. 

The other cool experience we had was after a lot of battling one day in the heat. It was something that I have learned is part of what we do on the mission to learn a little of Christ and what He did. Alma 60 vs. 3  Alma 17 vs. 5  and  Mosiah 3 vs 7. We had spent the whole morning using the Less active member list and contacting on the way to their houses, but we hadn't had any luck. That same afternoon we had things ´planned´ that fell through and we kept going on in the hunt. It was later in the afternoon that one of the people we contacted told us that the people next door used to listen to the missionaries. We stopped there and she let us in! We started talking and we could tell that she learns more from watching so we watched the Restoration Video with her and she was willing to pray and ask if that really happened. She had never gone to God with questions looking for answers before. We are just praying that she asks and is open to the response that God will give her. 

We are excited for this week because a lot of people we have talked to are getting back and have asked us to pass by this week! More miracles are on the way. 

Then came the learning experience in Divisions. I went up to the Little Town of Nueva Palmira with Elder Guevara and lived my own experience of how prepared that town was to start to receive full time missionaries. We had 7 lessons in the one afternoon and 6 of the 7 have a baptismal date and are progressing quickly in all of the commitments. Then to finish the day (it always seems to be the last lesson) we went to an old investigators house and her daughter and husband were there outside talking. They were super nice and talked to us for a few minutes asking questions about the states and what we think about Uruguay. They had seen the missionaries before walking in the streets and thought we were Merchandise sellers. Then it came time for our question asking time, love that part. They were believers in God and Christ and they accepted to listen to the Message we share. From the beginning the Spirit was there testifying of what we said. I could see it in Damians eyes, that he knew what we were saying was the truth- I know he is going to get baptized and move forward in God´s path. They were excited to have us go by their house another day and share it with his family! And of course we said yes! 

This is God´s work and is a Work of Faith of Dedication. I know that He blesses us continually and always gives us challenges to work out and experiences to strengthen us. I know that we have Living Prophets of God on Earth today and the Spirit has testified that truth to me. Thank you for everything you all do for me. I feel the support and I am so grateful for it. Have a great week!
                 ELDER Devashrayee
Elder Gomez and myself - too tall for the photo :) 

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