Monday, March 23, 2015

Gathering of the Lord's Pueblo..... 3-23-15

Well people, the Gospel is true and I have been able to grow in my testimony of that this past week. It truly was full of some amazing experiences even through the difficulties the Branch is seeing. I'm going to start off with the Experience we had in the Zone Training/Interviews. 

President had given us as leaders 10 questions about the Gathering of Israel that we had to look for and answer with Scriptures. We then assigned each Companionship one of the questions and they had to get up in front of the zone and teach us the answer through the scriptures and asking questions. It was great to be able to see the style of teaching each one has and the things we can work on to up our ability of teaching. President helped us and gave us others scriptures he had found as well. I love the Gathering of Israel!! It is such a cool Doctrine to study and is all over the Book of Mormon. 

The Book of Mormon is the key and tool to the Gathering of the Lords pueblo in these last days! 1 Nephi 15:14  2 Nephi 3:12,  3 Nephi 30.  We then taught what the Assistants had taught us- 4 Principles to Setting Effective Goals. 1) Start with the End in Mind   2) Give everything you have    3) Humble ourselves before God and Trust in the Strength of the Lord.     4) Ask yourself the question "what more can we do?" always. It was fun because we decided to teach it using examples from the Book of Mormon and wow there are a ton. The Book of Mormon is full these Principles. Esther chapter 2, 3 and 12. 

Everyone was able to talk to President Smith and it is such a blessing to be able to talk to him and feel the Spirit. I left feeling even higher even though he made the comment ¨Elder, you only have 2 changes left¨! He is such a great example and is always motivating us to grow spiritually and grow in our conversion.  From that day up until now we have been having some of the most Spiritual experiences that I have had on the mission. 

We passed by Belen and Marcelo Friday afternoon, but they were busy getting their light installed after 3 years trying to be able to do it. So we asked them when we could come by Saturday and find both of them home. They told us at 7 in the morning would be the only time- We accepted it :). That is normally the time we get up, but Saturday morning we got up early and went over to their house. We taught them the Plan of Salvation from Death to the Kingdom of Glories just using Scriptures and having them find the answers. It was one powerful way to start the day! They understood the importance of the Gospel and are trying to make the changes they need to make in their life. They agreed to go to church this Sunday. 

Now time for Sunday. Sacrament Meeting started and there were very few people attending, and Belen and Marcelo weren't there either. It wasn't until 10 minutes to 12 but they showed up! They heard the end of the last talk, the song, and the prayer, but we were able to introduce them to all of the members and the Branch President. They both enjoyed it and asked if we could stop by later to share with them the Movie we couldn't finish (The Restoration). 

That night on our way over to their house we felt that it would be good to see the whole Hour version of the Story of Joseph Smith. So we took that one instead and they were the last lesson of the day. The movie went smooth and after when we started talking when I had one of the MOST Spiritual moments of my mission. Belen said "I feel that someone is right here next to me. I always feel so much peace when you guys teach. I feel a warmth growing in my chest. I have never felt this way ever in my life." The Spirit was there so strongly testifying to EVERYONE in the room. Then came the line that will forever mark my life. "I hope you guys go home, get married, have kids, and teach your kids these beautiful things that you are teaching us. I truly desire this for you." They are moving towards getting married and a baptism together. They remind me so much of the other couple here that just got sealed in January- That's what we are wanting for Belen and Marcelo and their 8 month old Mia! 

We left that lesson smiling from ear to ear practically yelling. That Happiness that we felt is the "True Happiness of the Gospel" that Alma 26 talks about. I know that Christ is the Savior of this world. I know that this is His Gospel that blesses every life and family that will live it. I know that They have a Plan for us Eternally. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ! Have a great week everyone and thanks for all of your prayers and support! Love you all!  
                ELDER Devashrayee
The seed that I was able to plant with Elder Cepeda in Salto!! Florencia got baptized last week and I was able to call and talk to her. She and Federico (was in-active for 8 years until we found him) are planning on going to the temple to be sealed Spring 2016!! What a joy that was to me. Love that family.

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