Monday, March 2, 2015

Flash Back Memories..... 3-2-15

I have to start this Email off giving a huge shout out to Brighton Girls Basketball winning State and to Derek and the Brighton Boys making an awesome run to the state finals- Way to represent!! Can't believe that was just 2 years ago for me. Time flies but the emotions and love don't leave. Great memories. Great job Brighton!

This week was one of the strangest for me in the mission to be honest. I kept having flash back memories of things that I had done in Carmelo, people I had taught, contacted, feelings, and thoughts. I couldn't believe how much things had changed AND not changed. People that I never had met were in Church Sunday and those that used to go weren't there. Seeing families that had made progression in the Gospel Like Cinthia and Eduardo, who were sealed a month and a half ago, and those that are still in the same rut.

And then to look back at what I understood, believed and ultimately was... to realize the greatness of the Power of the Atonement of Christ. It has truly worked in me without me even realizing it. I know that this work is what brings the Sanctifying Power of the Atonement and the Lord has made it known unto me- I love this work. It truly is the greatest blessing even though it brings some of the greatest challenges that I have ever faced. I know that this is His Work and His Plan to help us grow in Him and our testimony of Christ. 

We had some cool experiences this week too :) We had a couple of members take us to friends homes and introduce us to them, and the best fact about those two appointments is that those were BOTH successes! The work is hastened through us as members. The first one was an older gentleman named Dante that had always gone to another church but was interested in hearing the message. We had to go really slowly, explaining things 2 or 3 times and then leaving him some time to think and read what the Pamphlet says. It was great though because he understood and was willing to pray to see if Church of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith. 

The second one was a woman who a member babysits her daughter. We went with the member and she let us right in, and then later told us that if Natalia (the member) wasn't there she would have never let us in. Blessings of doing member missionary work. At first she didn't seem to interested, but as the lesson progressed she slowly started paying more attention. The Spirit testified of the truth and she as well committed to pray and find out for herself if it is all true. She told us that this next Sunday we can go back and share what the Book of Mormon is with her. 

They are two solid investigators that Carmelo has been looking for. We also had a lesson with four young adults that each had a different view of God and Religion. They didn't really give us room to share our message because they were fighting with each other more than listening, but it really strengthened my testimony of the Gospel. In the middle of Confusion and battle of words I know that this is the Eternal Gospel that our Heavenly Father has for us. It has been brought back to the Earth to bless us and give us the way to  be able to work towards Eternal Life.

I know that is true because I have studied and asked God if it is true throughout my mission. I'm here in Carmelo again with a sure testimony that it is. Love you all and hope you have a great week! Thanks for the Support, Love, and Prayers!!
                      ELDER Devashrayee
Sunset welcoming Elder Gomez & myself - welcome back to Carmelo!!!

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