Monday, March 9, 2015

Firm, Ready and Love - Great Goals....... 3-9-15

What a great week here in Carmelo! The Theme is PEACE. I'm right back into the groove and to be honest I don't feel like it had been a year and 3 months out of here. I feel right at home! 

We put some goals as a companionship to teach the `active´ members the Doctrine these upcoming months and help them stay firm, find those that are ready to make Covenants with God, and love every moment of it! This week was a great way to start and we had some experiences from the beginning. We found a younger family that we had seen in the streets walking before and I told Elder Gomez that I recognized her but I didn't know from where while we were contacting. She had said that the missionaries had always passed by their house but had never shown up until now. We went back the next day to teach her and she had already read the Restoration Pamphlet and filled out the questions in the back- The first one that I have seen to do that. 

We went back and her husband was off work and listened to us. He said that he had a bad experience with churches before, but felt that the message we shared is a good one :).  We went back later in the week and she asked us ¨Am I able to go to your church? is that allowed?¨ We went to the church and had a lesson on the Book of Mormon with a member. She left excited to go and read and yesterday we saw her after church because her husband had been working a lot and they didn't go to church and she said that she loves the Book of Mormon- ¨I feel more peace in my heart and I know that this comes from God.¨

We then found another younger family because their daughter is trying to learn English and the missionaries before had taught her a little. We stopped by and helped her and talked in English (that was strange to have a full conversation in English with some one other that a missionary) Then her mom began to ask questions and said ¨I can't believe the peace that you guys bring, what do you do to achieve that?¨ We told her that we share a message from God and it will bring peace into her own home and life as she listens and applies what we share. She said that she is Catholic but is open to hear what we have to share :) They accepted a visit for this upcoming Wednesday

There were several other lessons or contacts that people commented on the Peace. What a blessing it is to be able to share the Restored Gospel as a full-time missionary. There really isn't anything else that makes it better. 

Now time for great news we received Sunday. First off 78 people went to church! I couldn't believe how full it felt and just made me think back to my first Sunday in the mission here in Carmelo seeing 15 people....   It has grown a ton! And 20 of those were people from a little town 20 minutes from Carmelo where recently the missionaries started working there. 8 of them are going to be baptized this month. That town (Nueva Palmira) is going to open up its own little Group in April- they already have the place that they are going to rent!! 

I'm so excited for the things we are seeing here and being able to come back. I know that Joseph Smith was chosen as the Lord´s Prophet to Restore the Lords Church here on Earth. I know it because I have asked and I have received answers from God through the Experiences he has given me and the Peace that I have felt in my life. I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of this World and through the Covenants we make we gain Access to His Eternal Sacrifice. Thanks to Him Peace for us is possible. Isaiah 53 1-6. Love you all and hope you have a great week!! 
            ELDER Devashrayee

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