Monday, February 16, 2015

Remind Others of OUR Purpose......... 2-16-15

Greetings from Uruguay! I sometimes forget that I am kinda far away from the states, but this week here, far far away, went really well. A little bit ago we had a Zone Leader Council as a mission with President to talk about the new Plan and what we need to do have true growth here is Uruguay. It was nice to be able to hear others ideas and receive the guidance from President. He is a man called of God. 

This past Tuesday Morning we put together some graphs of how the Zone has been doing the past month with the new plan and new key indicators and it was a great experience for us to see. The excitement from the new method to work led to many days of outstanding progress, but then it started going back down because the Lord truly does things in that way. I couldn't help but think of the Alma 32 and compare the plan to the seed. The seed gets planted and grows, but that is when it comes down to what we do to take care of it after. We all have a testimony of the Plan from the Spirit we felt and experiences, but now is the time to show our faith and not give up. 

The Lord talked about this in the same section as the Parable of the Tower and All of the Strength of the House in 101:68. We can't go too quickly or run away- We just need to plan things out well and do our part and the Lord will bless us. It has been a true test of diligence and faith. We put some goals out as a companionship to change some beliefs and remind everyone of what our purpose is as missionaries of the Lord. In every single Lesson we started out saying why we were there and how we have been called of God to teach His Gospel and help them get closer to God through Repentance and Making Covenants with Him. It was awesome!

We had an awesome experience teaching a less active guy and his non member wife. We found them and taught them the Restoration but giving our purpose first and what we were there for. The Spirit was there strongly through out the whole Lesson and we invited Florencia to be baptized right there- She accepted without a second thought! It was cool because she even told us that her doubts and questions about why there are so many churches and ways of thinking if there is only ONE God were answered. 

We then were able to go to the guy that we found last week that had drawn the Picture of Christ with the Lamb. We were with a member (Hermana Nan), and it turned out that they were life long friends! His name is Jose Maria and his wife is Estela. We taught them the Restoration as well giving them our purpose. The Hermana with us testified of the Church, and while I was reciting the Words of Joseph Smith and the First Vision the Little Room was filled with the Spirit. Estela started crying and said that she knows what we taught is from God and had no Idea that Joseph had seen God and Jesus Christ and had restored the Church of Christ. We invited them as well to be baptized and she accepted, but Jose didn't because he is Catholic and doesn't want to leave what he has. She asked us to pray so that his heart will be softened so they can move forward together. So that is exactly what we have been doing and it would be awesome from all of you as well! 

I really enjoyed the week and I can't believe that this is the last full week of this change... another has flown by!! Love you all and hope you have a great week! Thanks for the help! Added some photos as well!
                   ELDER Devashrayee
This was my Valentines With my true love!

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