Monday, February 9, 2015

Members Are The BEST Missionaries....... 2-9-15

Well I'm back in the Cyber again people... These weeks are just getting faster and faster! But this past week was definitely one to smile about :) So we have a recent convert whose husband is a less active that recently got active in the church again. He has had a huge spark in his life and has been sharing the Gospel with everyone. We were able to go with him to visit a work friend and it was awesome! Our first lesson with a member and the person was comfortable from the beginning. References with Members is the best thing ever. 

His work friend's mom is also not a member and we were walking by his house on the way to another lesson when he called to us to come over. His mom was there and he immediately asked us if we had the 20 minute video of the Restoration - I had brought it with me that day, and we shared it with his mom. She was quiet through the whole thing and after, when we talked about the Restoration, she didn't say anything either, but I know that she felt something. He was so excited! Little by little things happen as we give people the chance to feel the Spirit and learn the true Doctrine. 

The other experience of the Week was Saturday. I spent it with a Teenager from here in Salto while my comp went to Montevideo for a temple sealing as well. It was Lucas' first time doing this and he was so nervous, but that changed as we had some cool experiences that Lord helped us have for his sake. The fist lesson that we had fell through and the other ones had just sent texts saying that they weren't going to be able to talk to us. My mind went racing trying to think of other people we had talked to, but nothing was coming to me. That's when I just felt that we should contact a couple of streets that we don't have anyone from. He was really timid at first to talk to the people especially because we had some awesome rejections earlier. He then began to open up as we found people that were willing to talk to us and hear what we had to share. He was excited to tell people what the Church and Christ had done for him in his life. 

We ended up finding a man who has 3 daughters that live in another area and a lot of things had happened to him in his life- even a brain tumor. We pulled out the Restoration Pamphlet that has Christ giving a little lamb a hug and he froze... Looked at us and asked us if we would wait 2 minutes. I was confused at first and then just hoped that the man didn't come out yelling with material to argue with us. He did come out with a journal, but he opened it up and it was full of drawings that he had done years ago and he had drawn the exact same picture from the pamphlet! He didn't know from where he had seen it, but when he saw the Picture in our pamphlet it came rushing back. He told us that we are welcome back at any time because he knows we were sent from God! 

The Lord has been blessing us with some great new people after quite a few weeks of not finding people ready to receive the Gospel. Ephesians 1:10 and 4:11-15 has helped me a lot to understand the Purpose of Christ`s Church and how it is doing the same thing in these last days before His Coming. It is a true Restoration of everything in Christ to help us be perfected in the faith and union. I am so grateful for the blessing of having His Restored Church in my life. Thanks for all of the support, prayers and Love! Love you all!!!               ELDER Devashrayee
My love for Ice Cream has not been extinguished!! 

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