Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Be the Planter!....... 2-24-15

Well people I have to start out giving the news because I can't even hold it in!! My Change is one that I couldn't even believe when they told me...... I'm going back to my birth land-  CARMELO COLONIA!!!! :D Wow I am stoked and nervous at the same time! 

Ok now for the past week here in Salto. The 5 zones from the Northern part of Uruguay met together to listen to Elder Viñas from the 70. He came with such a Spirit and I learned a ton from him. He put such an emphasis on the Fruits of Repentance and focused completely on the purifying power of Christs' Atonement. The Spirit was strong there and I grew in my testimony. I know that Christ is the Savior of this world and the key to feel that His Atonement is taking part in our lives is by Humbling ourselves before him repenting daily and living faithfully to the Covenants we have made. It is a life long process and He requires it. It's no wonder Christ teaches in His Doctrine to Endure to the End. 

Us as Zone Leaders we then had the privileged to have a little meeting with him to see what the needs of each zone are and how we are going to keep progressing. He basically told us that we need to keep creating Spiritual Experiences with the Members and helping them grow in their Spirituality. He also talked about the need to help the Priesthood Holders because it is the foundation of the Church and how it grows efficiently. 

Wow what a day it was. A lot of answers were answered and things were talked about that I was questioning. It is basically described in Jacob 4 which was my Personal Study the past couple of days. I think that is my favorite Chapter right now. 

The other experience was being able to go back to Jose and Estela. They let us in and we shared the Book of Mormon with them. Estela couldn't believe that there was other Scripture apart from the Bible and even more interesting from here in the Americas. Jose also softened up a little too. He said that he is going to read! Both of them committed to read, ponder, and pray to God if the Book is true. I know they are going to get their answer from Him and The Book of Mormon is going to be how Jose´s heart is softened- It has so much power to change when we humbly read and ask. 

I was a little sad to be leaving them, but that is how it has been for me here in Salto. I feel that I was a definite "planter." That has been a cool experience for me and I know that it is a part just as important as those who get to "reap." What a blessing it is to be a part of this Great Work of the Lord! Love you all and the next time you will be hearing from me I will be back in my "childhood" neighborhood! Have a great week!                   ELDER Devashrayee
Jose & Estela

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