Monday, January 5, 2015

"Fireworks" enter in 2015....... 1-5-15

Whats up 2015!! Can't believe it is here, but I wish everyone a great year and hope that it has started out well! Every day counts to make a year good! 

Our year here in the mission has started with Fireworks! (in both senses of the word) There were once again thousands of fireworks shot off that I was able to enjoy from our 2nd floor apartment :) It really is a tradition that I would love to continue there in the states, but then I remember that it is 0 degrees there haha. 

The other Firework was the "Bomb" that we received from the Churches South America South Presidency of the 70. The new way we are going to be "counting" our work has changed. The new Key Indicators are ONLY Baptisms and Attendance! Then each mission has the freedom to add a couple of other indicators that are particular for the mission and will help those two main Goals grow. Here in our mission we are going to 1- Still keep track of hours working in the vineyard WITH members 2- Track New Investigators we find WITH members  3- Track Investigators that are progressing with a baptismal date. And 4- Track "progressing" members- that consists of any member that is moving toward the Necessary Covenants to be able to live with God and Christ again as a family!! 

Last week we as Zone Leaders went down to Montevideo to have a big council talk with President and start this year off by following the leaders direction. It really is the Lord´s work of Salvation. It doesn't matter who we are or where we are in the path, we all need to move forward and help others along the way by baptizing, rescuing, and retaining everyone! We had a big discussion/study of Doctrine and Covenants 101:43-62. With verse 55 being the theme and focus of the year being the WHOLE STRENGTH OF THE HOUSE doing work in the Lord´s vineyard! I am super stoked for it, and it is going to be a great learning experience helping the leaders and the members join in on the blessings of His Work! 

Here in the Area we have really been focusing on figuring out who, out of the people we have found, are ready to move forward and be baptized. We had a great lesson with a family watching the Restoration video this week. They have had terrible experiences with churches and don't want anything to do with "going to one." But they have made some great progress and understand the importance of what we have to share- That Christ's Church has truly been restored to the Earth with the Authority of God and the Fullness of the Gospel. It is all based on what we want to do. If we pray with true intent asking God, He will answer us. That is what they said they would do and it was awesome to have a member there with us who gave such a powerful testimony of the Church and its purpose. The member just barely got sealed to his family this past year and has a very strong testimony of how the Lord blesses the family through HIS Church, Authority, and Covenants. 

Another Cool experience that actually happened on the 1st of January :) Was being able to talk to a less active woman of 15 years that we found. At first she was really bitter against things that happened earlier that caused her to leave the church, but this visit was different. We went and talked to her about how she felt back then, why she got baptized, and what baptism means for us. We basically taught the Restoration and she had a complete change of heart because the Spirit was there testifying of what we were saying. It was such a great experience to see the change in her thanks to the Power of the Holy Ghost. We are going to be working with her this upcoming week and helping her get back on the path! 

I also got to do divisions with Elder Abel this week too :) It was a great day with the kid! We talked about things we have learned and how we have grown. Love this work and Love the chance that I have to try to grow in it. These are my last 6 months so lets all make 2015 a great year!! Love you guys!
            ELDER Devashrayee

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