Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Experiences in a "Bubble"...... 1-13-15

Another great week here in Salto Uruguay! It ended with a bang and a lot of changes coming here this next change. So I'll start out with my change......... I'm going to stay here in Salto! BUT I'm going to open up a different area here with a new Zone Leader named Elder Cepeda! The new area is called Ceibal and is right next door to the area that I am in right now. Elder Johnson is going to stay here and train to finish his mission. There are a lot of "older" missionaries that are leaving and the Zone this next change is going to be quite young- but that's what brings energy :) It was weird to find out that I was going because I felt that I really hadn't gotten to know really well the people and we have been seeing so many great blessings and experiences as a companionship, but the Lord knows why and I am really excited to get going in Ceibal. 

So some experiences that we have had this past week. President Smith came up to Salto and we had a great Zone Training going over all of the new changes that are happening throughout the missions here in South America! I love listening to President and the Spirit he has for the Work of the Lord. I know that 2015 is the year that the Lord is really starting to focus on the Gathering of Israel, whether it is through new members or helping those who are already members come back, we are gathering His Children to the truth. 

2013 was the when the Prophet announced that the Lord was hastening His work, that D&C 88:73 has come to pass. 2014 was when the Prophet announced that Members and Missionaries need to work together in the Lord's vineyard. And now 2015 The First Presidency is focusing on the Gathering. Doesn't it sound like the Lord is trying to tell us something?? What a blessing it is to be out here in such a special time! I know that what we are going to do this year is going to make great changes down here in Uruguay. 

Then yesterday night we had some experiences that really hit home. We went to a less active family and we started out talking about Alma 5:38: how the Good Pastor is calling and we need to listen to his voice. The Spirit entered right there, and we kept reading there in Alma 5: 42,43,49, and 50 where it talks about repentance. The Spirit literally called them to Repentance through us. That is exactly how I felt and they felt it too. We were sitting outside and everything yet it was perfectly calm- not one car, dog barking, it was silent. It felt like there was a bubble around us and it was a personal experience for every single one of us there. At the end the Mom who never wanted to listen to us told us thank you for coming and for the message. It struck home. We left just so grateful for what we felt and the fact that we were there for that, but the day didn't end there. 

We were around later and we showed up to a house that we had contacted before. She (Soledad) let us in and said that her son had commented that we had come by and asked some great questions that he couldn't answer them, haha. She asked us what we did and we showed her the "Because of Him" video. Once again it was like a bubble! We talked about the Love God has for us and the Promise her son, who is Autistic, has to have a perfect body after this Life thanks to Christ. We asked her how she felt, to see if it was just us feeling the Spirit so strongly, and she answered "I am full of peace and tranquility". She accepted to have us come back and tell her how she can gain that peace in her own life :) 

The Lord gave us a great day to finish off as a companionship! I know that He lives and touches each one of us with His Spirit. We just need to listen and follow and find out for ourselves. Thanks for all of the support that you have given me and love you all! Make it a great week! 
                                         ELDER Devashrayee

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