Monday, December 15, 2014

The Good Moments ERASE The 100 Bad Ones...... 12-15-14

Another week down and already halfway through December... With how fast it goes it makes me appreciate even more the moments we have. This past week was quite crazy and was a good prep for this crazier upcoming week! 

So I'll start with another experience we had. It was a "harder" semana (week) in regards to the work, but we kept pushing forward and just like all of the stories in the scriptures of Christ coming at the last hour- it happened to us. We had spent the whole afternoon in the heat walking around to appointments, knocking doors on the way, and calling others with no avail. It was a bit discouraging but we kept going, trying to find people to teach. It finally came to our last "set appointment" at 8:30pm that we were both looking forward too. Turned out that just like the rest of the day it fell through. We sat there and we tried thinking of where to go. Nothing came. We didn't know what to do, but there was a gal sitting outside her house next door and we decided to go talk to her. She was really nice and talked to us for a minute or two behind her locked gate and then randomly got up and went inside. Haha, ya from the rest of the experiences of the day, and several I have had on the mission, I wasn't expecting her to come back out- but she did, and with the key too! She opened the gate and grabbed some chairs and we began to talk. 

She said she believed in God and sometimes goes to the church that her mom goes too. She has a 1 year old kid and her husband works in the outskirts in the fields. We began talking about the family and the plan that God has for them. She listened so intently and every time we asked a question she would think about it and then answer with what she felt. It was going so well and she was understanding that this life really does have more of a purpose than to just live. It was going great and that's right when the husband returns in a car full of other workers. He hopped out of the car quickly and made his way up to us. Honestly I thought he was going to ask why we were there and that he doesn't want us there anymore. It ended up being the opposite. 

He sat down and talked with us and offered us food and a place to stay if we needed it! He said he would listen to us and wants to know more about God! It really was such a blessing! We were able to go home excited and happy not even thinking about how long, hot and tiring the day was. The Good Moments erase 100 bad ones. 

So update for what we are going to be having this week. Sunday is the Stake Fireside that we are in charge of. We have been having a lot of rehearsals with the youth and to be honest we are sounding pretty dang good ;). There is a lot of planning and organizing still to be done. I now appreciate more all of the big activities that I went to without thinking about how it came to be! 

The other part is this Thursday and Friday we are going to the Temple as a zone and going to do the Temple work for one of our own ancestors we have been looking for! I can't wait to go! I know that this work is true. It is the Work of Salvation. I am so grateful to be a part of it and for the experiences that I have been able to have participating in the Work of the Lord. These 2 scriptures have helped me see how I can keep with the Lord and sacrificing what I need to. 2nd Nephi 2:6-8 and 3rd Nephi 9:15-22. I know He is the Savior of this world and we can enjoy the blessings He has promised us as we strive to follow Him the best we can. I love you all and hope you have a great week preparing for Christmas!! 
                                ELDER Devashrayee
We had fun setting up and decorating the "Ward" Christmas Tree.

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