Monday, December 29, 2014

Successful Fireside & New Appreciation of Christmas..... 12-29-14

Merry Late Christmas everyone! Hope it was a great day and everyone enjoyed it! 

Now I will start off by giving the much needed sorry for not writing last week. I'll make it up by filling in a few of the past 2 weeks events. That fireside that we were putting together turned out to be a complete success. We practiced the songs repeatedly for that whole week and Sunday it all paid off. About 300 people went to the activity and everyone left saying "Thank you for the Spirit you guys brought". That made all of the stress, set-up, calls, and rehearsals worth it! 
Our Fireside Choir

The temple trip that we did as a zone was also an experience that I won't forget. We did the work for our ancestor starting with the Baptism. I got to baptize my comp Elder Johnson and he baptized me as well. It was just like what Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry performed during the Restoration of the Priesthood here on Earth. What a blessing that was for me.

Christmas Eve and Christmas were a blast. So Christmas Eve day? That was a lot different for me than the past one I had on the mission- I could see where my level of understanding was then and now, and this one was a lot better because I understood :) We spent the whole afternoon walking around in the streets talking to people about Christ's Birth and if they would like to watch a new video about the importance Christmas. It was tiring because nobody let us in and it was hot, but we were able to meet a lot of people and share our testimonies of Christ. That is why I didn't write - we were out all day.

Then the actual Eve part of Christmas Eve came. We went to a less actives' house to celebrate and eat with them. One of her daughters was there that has been inactive for 6 years and pretty soon we got on the topic of "Why we were celebrating Christmas?" She began to open up, and her boyfriend was listening and participating a lot too. They both asked questions and wanted to know about experiences we have had with Christ. It basically turned into a testimony meeting of the life of Christ and the mission He completed. We bore testimony through our personal experiences of the power of the Atonement and how everyone can change and have new starts thanks to what Christ did. The Spirit was there testifying of that truth and I will never forget that Christmas Eve - Testifying of Christ's cleansing power as a Missionary. 

Christmas morning was also a treat :) The custom to go around singing at doors doesn't exist here which made our Caroling experience even better! We just walked around looking for open doors and people sitting out side (Everyone pulls all-nighters partying so those that were actually outside or even awake in the morning were scarce). Everyone was a little timid at first when we asked if we could sing, which I really don't blame them because I know I would be too haha, but once we sang they had a different attitude and people began to ask more questions. 

Then to top it all off! The talk with the family right after the "Departments Armed Forces" had just recruited me ;) That was great!!! What a great Christmas it was! I love you all and hope you all have a safe New Years! Talk to you in 2015!
            ELDER Devashrayee
"Tree Huggers" - Elder Johnson & Travis

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