Tuesday, December 2, 2014

He Is The Gift & "Oven of Uruguay"...... 12-2-14

What a week it was for us here in Delta. We saw some great events and had experiences teaching and sharing. So First off I want to set a challenge- or better said I want to go with the Challenge/Initiative that the First Presidency has set for this Christmas. Everyone look up the video "He is the Gift"
in  Christmas.mormon.org. It truly is an inspired video and will help many see the true purpose of Christmas. With that same Spirit make the effort to share that with others that might not have taken part in the Restored Gospel and the Atonement of Christ. Then comes the most important part. Make a follow up and ask how the video went and if they would like to know more about Christ and how he can take part in their lives by listening to the missionaries. 

This time of the year has many people thinking about Christ and there isn't a better time to bring them the way to have COMPLETE access to His Sacrifice. This Initiative is the focus of all 400 and something missions and really could have a huge impact on the work if every member made the effort to take part. I know He lives and what He can give us brings more happiness than anything else. John 14:6. 

This week we were also able to go visit a 14 year old kid with the Young Men's President. He listened to us talk about Baptism and progression and he said that he feels that he is already growing and learning what the truth is. The YMP testified to him that there isn't a better path for him to take at this time in his life and challenged him to pray about it and feel for himself that it is true. That was a powerful lesson and Martin wants to get baptized soon! 

Another "couple" where he is a member and she isn't has really been moving along. It has been a month now that Pablo has come back to church and is feeling the Spirit in his life. They are now at the barrier of Marriage. She wants to get married so she can get baptized, but he isn't feeling the same way. Time and the Spirit will change that :) The Lord definitely has His time and His way of doing the Work- That is what I learned this week.

So I'll go on with the news.......... I am going to Salto with Elder Johnson as the Zone Leader! It was a complete shock to me to be honest. I was totally expecting to have another transfer here to settle in the changes we have made, that was the plan from the beginning when they called me as 1st Counselor. I was a little upset at first because things had finally started falling in place but I learned quickly that this isn't my work or my way, but His. I know that this is what He wants and it is time for me to move on to another area and keep taking steps toward being more like Christ in the Oven of Uruguay ;) Love you all and wish you a great week from the Uruguayo land!
                      ELDER Devashrayee

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