Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Joy!!! He hasn't lost his humor..... 12-25-14

It was a great day today.  After an hour of trying to fix the connection and be able to hear each other we got 1 hour to talk to him!  He is doing great!!!  The photo below of him is what he was wearing when we first connected with him.  He told us that Uruguay had gone to war the day before and he was drafted since he was considered a "resident" per his visa.....  

Then he couldn't keep the smile back and took it all off....  his humor????

Had a great chat with him!  He was having a hard time thinking in English at first, and when he spoke in Spanish he was very fast.  Can't believe he is home in 6 months!

Thank you all for your love and support of him. He said  

"Please tell everyone thank you very much for all of the cards, emails and notes you have sent me. They keep me going and remind me how much I am loved and supported out here. I love you all and miss you all - even the ones I don't know.... I hear there are several cousins and friends fiances & friends spouses I haven't met yet :)  Stay strong with your family AND strong in the church!!! See you all soon! Love, Travis"

Love that kid!  We are looking forward to his email next week.... until then - 
            ELDER Devashrayee     (by his mom - Lisa)
Travis' first Snap Chat....  

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