Monday, November 3, 2014

"Sail Away", Conducting Sacrament Meeting & Investigators Moving Forward..... 11-3-14

Anyone know the song that Enya sings "Sail Away"? Ya, that is what we are going to need to do here in Delta soon haha. It has rained now for a day straight and irrigation was far from thought of when this place was built... Half the place is below water and our street in front of our house is filled half way up the leg!! Today I'm writing from a tablet because all of the internet cyber cafes are closed due to flooding, so forgive me for errors and hopefully I can "one-finger type" rapidly. 

The week here was a little strange but at the same time we were led to answers to prayers and a lot of progression. The weird part for me was the trying to be counselor and missionary at the same time.  My mind has just been so missionary programmed that it was a little rough making the change. This change has been teaching me a lot though and I'm loving it! I have been able to see how the Lord works through His leaders to bless those in the Ward. 

We spent Wednesday night planning, thinking, changing ideas, new callings, and the whole direction of Delta was our focus. I was able to see how the Lord inspires and guides. We then took what we had thought of to the temple to see how we felt. Once again, I felt good and knew that we were headed in the right direction, but then the confirmation came Sunday. The Stake Primary president randomly showed up and talked to Matias, the branch's secretary, that she had been feeling that Delta needed her Stake Primary secretary here in delta. Exactly the same women who we had been thinking of and praying to see if she could be our new Relief Society President. I know that the Lord hears our prayers and works through those feelings and impressions. D&C 8: 2-3. 

Speaking of Sunday I got to conduct the sacrament meeting too... I couldn't believe how nervous I was! I couldn't speak! I enjoyed that time though being able to lead sustaining of callings and releases and move the program along- hopefully the President gives me another chance ;). 

This week with the investigators was quite the growth as well! This Saturday we have a baptism!! It is Mathias Rios,he has been gaining such a strong testimony this last month and he can't wait for his time to be baptized and enter the path! We also had a cool experience teaching that evangelical guy from nothing but the bible. He was a little surprised :)  We explained how the church is structured just like it was then and how there were prophesies about the restoration of everything. We left him to think about it. 

We also had a really good lesson with Estela. She is the only one interested in listening to us, but she told us that she feels the peace when we come and wants to listen to us. We talked about the Book of Mormon, but by the end we were talking about how she can act on those feelings by following the example of Christ and being baptized. She said she would think about it but she doesn't think her family would follow. That is when the member with us testified of how he was the first to be baptized in his family and through his example and time the rest of his family was baptized. It was a very special lesson and I know that the power of members who go out with the missionaries is what the Lord needs us to do. Call the missionaries and see when you can go out with them, talk to them about a friend or neighbor. That is how this work will move forward.  How President Monson said- members and missionaries working together. Love you all and I know that this work is true. I know that Christ lives and loves us. I know that this is His church and He has such great blessings in store for us as we show our faith and act! Have a great week!
                ELDER Devashrayee
Really enjoyed this Burger!!!!

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