Monday, October 13, 2014

Love = Essence of the Gospel..... 10-13-14

What a week here in Delta! The Lord has a lot for me to learn here and I'm enjoying the lessons. The Branch has been going through some really rough times with some members and we were luckily able to talk to the Stake President and he came yesterday to talk with them and try and put things back into order. The Priesthood keys are real and I know that Delta is going to be able to progress through these times by using them righteously. We need more unity and love between us all especially during these times when there is very little love shown in the world. Like President Monson said "Love is the very essence of the Gospel." We keep moving forward in the work and miracles are going to come.

We actually had two awesome experiences that have really helped me keep going through all of the things that are happening here in the branch. So the first one was with a young couple that opened a cyber cafe about 6 months ago. Juan was born in Delta and his wife Estela is from Montevideo. They met there in Montevideo while working. That's the background story. So we have a young woman that is preparing for her mission in Chile in December. She served as a "mini missionary" for a couple of weeks and caught the mission Spirit. She talked to Estela and said that the missionaries could come by and teach and answer her questions better. We were finally able to track her down and they invited us to talk with them. The Plan of Salvation seemed to be the basis for their questions and they love having a tight knit family. We asked them from the beginning if they would like to have an eternal family and they said yes :) That just let the Spirit right in. We taught them how God has a plan and we went through it all explaining things and talking with them. Juan isn't as interested right now, but he stayed and listened the whole time. At the end Estela said something that has been one of the coolest insights/answers while teaching. ¨So you guys go around teaching people so they can get into the Celestial Kingdom?¨ EXACTLY. :) They are super great and hopefully they keep understanding and seeing the blessings in their life. They told us that there is peace in their home every time we go. Just have the next part to climb. Which treasures they are seeking for- here or in heaven. 

The other one is with Paula and Luis. She is a member but hasn't gone to church since she moved to Delta a year ago and her boyfriend isn't a member. This past week she had the baby and has been seeing a lot of answers to her prayers. They have also been reading the Book of Mormon together and she is helping him understand. They used to fight a lot and there wasn't very much happiness in the house, but they told us since we started going, there has been no fighting and Luis is interested in being baptized in the future! The Lord has been blessing and preparing their hearts. 

Such great experiences and just helps my testimony grow of the truthfulness of the Gospel and how it changes lives, homes, and futures when it is applied. I know that it is how we can have more peace in our lives and live the joy that our Heavenly Father created us to have! 2 Nephi 2: 24-27 Love you all and hope you have a great week!
                             ELDER Devashrayee

Hahaha I'm so glad I have boots!!!  They were a pain to pack, but well worth it. Thanks Mom for insisting! We actually had a really funny experience with this mini flood. So elder Abel doesn't have any boots, and we were just starting the day and wet feet would have been terrible, so he hopped onto my back and I carried him across the flooded part! We were just dying of laughter just wishing we had a picture of it. We tried to imagine what others were thinking while watching us give a piggy back laughing :)

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