Monday, September 15, 2014

Using Planners & Doctrine of Christ..... 9-15-14

Hey everyone! What a week and the funny part is that it seems like things have just been getting blurred together lately. The work keeps moving forward, and luckily I have a planner to keep me on target and ¨organized¨ haha!  I have truly been learning a lot, and I am really excited for everything that has been happening. 

The new zone is finally under control and things hopefully will keep moving forward smoothly. I have 2 great District Leaders that have been such great examples and willing to work and trail blaze here in Cerrrrrrro Norte!! 

So this past week in Delta. First off, we have 2 new Sister missionaries in our Branch. That has been very interesting showing them the area and helping them ¨open¨ half of Delta. They have a ton of animo (excitement) and we are going to go forward trying to get this place going spiritually. We have a couple of investigators that have potential of being baptized soon, we are just pushing forward to help them make those last couple commitments. I'm looking forward to that :) 

Gladys has been progressing so well and our next goal with her is to have her do some baptisms in the temple in the next month. She loved seeing the pictures of the temple and I know that she will enjoy being there and feeling of that pure peace that just radiates from the Temple. She has home teachers, and here in the next little while she will be having an assignment in the Church. 

We are trying to change the culture of baptism not being the only goal, this has left a lot of converts not being true converts. The Retention has always been low down here in Uruguay, but we are working hard to keep those that we baptize and reactivate those that are missing out on the continual blessings of living the Gospel. 

We actually had a training last night with all of the Bishops and counselors of the Cerro Stake with the Stake President and President Smith. We talked about the Rescue efforts that we need to make using the most powerful tool there is- The Doctrine of Christ straight from the Book of Mormon. We are going to do it together as missionaries and members to be able to grow that 10% attendance. 

It has been a couple of months that us, as a mission, have been focusing deeply on studying and internalizing the Doctrine. I can truly say that it has changed me. That Doctrine is so clear. Christ teaches us what our Heavenly Father requires of us in order to be saved. I am going to give a sequence of scriptures that we are using as a mission (along with others that we feel are right) to help those that are active understand what they are doing, and help those that are less active to return. 

2nd Nephi 31: 2-3. 2nd Nephi 31:10. 3rd Nephi 11: 32-35. 3rd Nephi 11:37-38. We become like little children through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 3rd Nephi 27:16  Enduring to the end is how we become innocent before God- Just like a little child is innocent. 3rd Nephi 18: 7-13 We testify to God that we remember Him and we will remember His Son Jesus Christ and we will keep His commandments through taking the Sacrament every week! We have to take the Sacrament or we are being disobedient and not keeping the Commandment that God has given us to take the Sacrament. By not taking it we are giving testimony that we have forgotten Him. I love it. 

It is so clear and powerful and we are already seeing fruits of this effort! I know that this is Christ´s Church and this is His Doctrine. The only true Doctrine=Way of our Heavenly Father. There is no other way than to follow the path that Christ has made for us to return to our Father. I love you all and encourage every single person to study the Doctrine of Christ and feel the power of the Atonement in your life. Have a great week! :D
                     ELDER Devashrayee
One of the Districts in the Zone. On the only "hill" over looking our area.

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