Monday, September 22, 2014

Training, Trials, and a Greater Perspective = An Eternal One..... 9-22-14

What's up people!? What a week this past one was! There was a little of everything through it all, that just helps to make things interesting. We had our District Meetings and everything that we had talked about in our little 3 man Leadership Meeting was talked about and I loved how the two District Leaders applied it! I learned a ton, and it was something that I had studied to talk to them about. We talked about the scripture/common phrase "many are called, but few are chosen." It is something that as missionaries and as members of Christs church we NEED to be those that are chosen. Not because we are prideful, but because we understand the importance of magnifying our calling and "choosing" to do what God Wants. He calls us all, but those that are chosen take that calling and chose to Work and give away their own desires. I loved it, and has been helping me as well as others give the best that they have. 

This week with our investigators has been one of the worst. The two that were progressing really well and had their baptismal date for the middle of October decided that worldly things and happiness is more important. We are hoping to get back to them this week and help them to understand the importance of doing things with a greater perspective- An Eternal one. One of them we have been working with for over 3 months, and is such a great guy. He just has a couple of friends, and a girlfriend that keeps him from moving forward. He wants to get baptized and knows that this is the true church, he just needs to make the commitment and stick to it. But the Lord always comes in the "last moment" after things seem to just be going down hill. 

So last night we went out with the Elder´s Quorum President from 6 to 9 working. We went and contacted a house that a "member" (I will explain farther along) had just moved into. His Mother and Father were there and we began to talk about the Gospel and how we have a message that is Based on Christ and His Restored Gospel. That's when both Elder Abel and I realized that we were out of our Restoration booklets.... That's when Omar (EQ Pres) who was with us said "oh don't worry I have a couple here in my backpack." He was prepared!! He was a missionary in Argentina 15 years ago and it is cool how he hasn't changed that attitude. He loves to teach the Gospel and has a great knowledge of the Scriptures. The lesson went great too! All 3 wanted to listen to us again, and in that moment we found out that the guy was baptized, but never got confirmed..... He is a "member" but not really. They are going to be gone for the next couple of weeks, but there is a lot of potential in these people. 

Delta has been quite the challenge, but I know things can change here. We are just inviting everyone to hop on board and love this work! Oh and just to let everyone know me and Elder Abel have set the goal to run a 5K in under 18 minutes by the end of this change. :) We are already training in the morning and on our way to getting that goal! Its just unfair that this kid is in such good shape- he definitely whoops me every time! 

I love you all and I know that this is the work that brings true happiness. It is what Christ asks us all. Those that follow Him; preach His Gospel and share it with everyone! I know this is His church and was restored through Joseph Smith. We have all of the blessings we can imagine waiting for us. We just have to put in our part to be obedient, patient and keep enduring with faith.. D&C 103: 36  Have a great week!
                    ELDER Devashrayee
Came home to this scene the other day on our front step.  Even frogs give "bear hugs" :)

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