Monday, September 29, 2014

Hearts need to be Humbled & Family History Work..... 9-29-14

Whats up people!!? This past week was very interesting and I enjoyed the blessings that we received as a companionship, and for the things that the Lord wanted me to learn personally this week through His Spirit. 

So I'll start off with the Leader Meeting we had as a mission with President. Each Zone was represented by their Leaders and I was just chillin' there solo :) It was quite the experience! I learned a lot. As a mission we are going to have a push in family history work. President explained to us the power of the Spirit of Elias- which is the Holy Ghost that testifies to us the importance of the family and how it has the potential to be an eternal unit. That moment of the training was very powerful for me. I felt the Spirit so strongly and I know that families are eternal. That is why our Genealogy work is so important! I'm excited to be able to share and animate the people down here to do some history work and feel a very special Spirit that just automatically brings a deeper sense of love. Everyone can use a little more love :). 

Then later in the week we had the privilege to teach a friend of a member this week. His name is Pablo and he told us that lately he has been feeling like God has been calling him, and wanted to know more. We talked to him about the Restoration and we were actually able to watch the First Vision in the house of the member. The Spirit just testified to him of the truth, and he even said that he felt something different and wanted to go church Sunday! The power of the Gospel and its restoration is real and will reach every single heart that humbles and is ready for it. I know that it is the true Gospel and the Spirit testifies it to us. He went for the full 3 hours and loved it! The only downside is that he doesn't live here in Delta, we have to pass him along to the other missionaries in Montevideo. 

The other cool part of the week happened Sunday for me. The president of the Branch had called me and the hermanas late Friday night to put together a talk for Sunday... Always last second :) but luckily as missionaries we are always prepared. I had been studying in James 2 and the importance of Faith and Works. I tied it into the Sacrament how being there in church testifies as the work that we remember Christ. The best part happened while I went over John 6 :48-58 where Christ compares the Bread and Water to Himself. I just read the 10 verses in a row and the Spirit filled me. I knew for a fact that what I was reading is true. Christ is the bread of life. His Atonement is real and gives every person the chance to have salvation through His Infinite sacrifice. It was one task that has Eternal consequences for every single person that carries his name and follows Him to the end fulfilling what He asks. 

This church is true and I love the chance that I have to represent Christ and do this great work of sharing the good news! Love you all and hope you have a great week! Enjoy Conference and Remember what The King Benjamin said in Mosiah 2:9. The words of the Living Prophets need to be remembered and applied! It is the evidence of modern revelation that we receive.
                    ELDER Devashrayee
Took a trip as a zone to the Beach today! 
(notice the white shirt tan line on my neck.... Its already gettin' bad!)

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