Monday, September 1, 2014

"Get out of the hole" in Delta..... 9-1-14

What's up people!? What a week down here in Delta Del Tigre! We have been seeing some very beautiful weather and that also brings the pesky misquitos out. Delta is pretty much a swamp because of all of the canals they have here, so Misquitos will definitely be in our future! Time to pull out the spray and netsOther than the weather getting better we have seen some great progress in the people here. 

Gladys has been moving forward really well and her baptism will be this next Saturday! A month after finding her, she has grown so much in her understanding and ´is giddy as a little school girl´ for her baptism! She has already invited all of her family to go as well as a few friends! This past week teaching we have focused a lot on the things that come after baptism- one of those being the temple. We showed her pictures of various temples and she loved it. She comprehends really clearly how the baptismal step really is entering the path and what there is in the future is going to bring a lot of blessings into her life. Her cousin Heber has been struggling a lot lately, and hopefully this weekend sparks something in him. The other mother and her son Matias couldn't come last Sunday, and we felt that it would be better to move their baptism for a later date this month, and they felt that it was the right thing too. 

We are also seeing some great things in the members here. Many are starting to feel the excitement and really want to ´get out of the hole´ here in Delta. It has been a branch for 30 years, and they want to start reactivating and working with us to be able to be able to become a ward! They hooked onto the excitement of the work and we are animated to see changes here in Delta! 

We have been talking a lot about the patience in doing it though and how ´by small and simple things, great things come to pass´ and what the Lord needs  is a ´willing heart and mind.¨ D&C 64: 33-34. Patience truly is an attribute that requires obedience and a strong sense of faith. Changes come through time and like the 3rd group of people in Lehi´s dream we need to push forward constantly holding onto God´s Word and not letting anything take us away from that. 

I felt very strongly the motivation to do things even better and be more Dilligent. We sat there this past Sunday in Sacrament Meeting and I looked around and saw no difference in the people that were there and that lit a fire in me. We need to work every step of the way with the Members if changes are something that we want to see. I enjoyed the challenge and now we are going to put it into action through different ways of bringing excitement here to Delta as well Spiritual experiences. It truly is a great and wonderful work that we are part of. 

Now it is our time to act and prepare for the Coming of Christ. 2 Nefi 2:26-27. I know that this is the Work of the Lord and He is the one in charge of it. He is our Saviour and We truly do owe everything to Him. He will always love us, and blesses us daily. I know that Joseph Smith was the Prophet of these last days and restored the Fullness of the Gospel of Christ in the Earth. The only true Gospel that will have us prepared to live with God if we will be obedient and Faithful to it. Love you all and hope you have a great week!! :D
                          ELDER Devashrayee
"Beach Bums" Missionary Style :)
Played some beach volleyball with the Zone today.

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