Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Amazing the Change in 1 Month & Created New Zone...... 9-9-14

Hey everyone!! It has been one crazy week including today! I'm just giving the warning that I don't have much time so I hope to fit it all in. We went to the temple as a zone today because we have a lot of people that are leaving and us living far away from the temple it wasn't in our favor in regards to the timing but the temple was amazing today!! And we were able to cook some pizza up with a few companionship's with Matias :) Needless to say it was one great day! 

And yes it is change week. Me and Elder Abel (Able for sure :)) are staying together! There is just a little change to just working together and training. I am going to be a one man Zone Leader for the Cerro Norte Zone. They are splitting up the Cerro Zone into 2 different ones. It took me by a lot of surprise because to be honest I have no idea what I need to do as a Zone Leader and no one is going to be able to "train" me, but I am really excited for the challenge and I know that the Lord will help me get His work done here! 

Now onto the story of the week. We had been preparing the baptism of Gladys, and there were a few problems we needed to figure out with the baptismal font (seems like there are more problems preparing for baptisms than anything else.) Our church didn't have water or gas. The water subject was fixed, but the gas part wasn't going to have a solution. There were a few ideas thrown out there to try and heat up water, but Friday night our President told us that we needed to change the service to another church in the town nearby. We spent that night and the next morning calling the members and letting everyone know about the change of location. It went a lot smoother than I thought it was going to be, usually always does. Gladys loved it though- the most important part. 

She was nervous and excited the whole week and when it came time for the baptism she loved it. Elder Abel performed the Baptism too :) The little guy is growing up! Haha he did so well and I think he was more nervous than Gladys too! After the baptism, she gave her testimony and it was so cool to be able to hear about the change she has had in her life and her house. She feels the difference and loves the peace that has entered into her life. She was confirmed a member and yesterday when we talked she told us "I can already feel the difference as a member. It is easier to see the good and bad of things." 

The gift of the Holy Ghost was already starting to take its part in her life! It has been a month since we found her, and without a doubt I know that the Gospel changes lives. To look back to how she was when we met her, and to how she is now it is incredible. 

The Gospel of Christ is the greatest formula for change for the better. To live it and apply the principles makes a bigger difference than anything else we have. I am so grateful for the chance that I have to know this and for the Love and Mercy of my Heavenly Father for giving every single one of us, his kids, the path to get back to Him if we will just humble ourselves to follow it. Love you all and hope you have a great week!
                  ELDER Devashrayee

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