Monday, August 18, 2014

Band of Brothers in Faith & "Come & Follow"...... 8-18-14

Hey Hey HEY!! (in the Fat Albert Voice) Hahaha for some reason that got stuck in my head a little bit ago and almost every call that I make or receive with missionaries I answer like that! If nothing else it causes them to chuckle and relax a tad.

So lets just say that this past week went really well! We have been working a ton with Heber and Gladys, and they are progressing really well! Heber has some really strong addictions to overcome, and is dropping them behind little by little! The best part was the activity that we had with the Priesthood Saturday night. We had 12 Men show up which was a miracle! It was good though because every single one of us left grateful for going. We talked about us growing together more and being a Band of Brothers in Faith. Heber went and was blown away by the unity that he felt and the privilege to be welcomed into a close friendship based on serving God and Christ. He was just excited to come back the next day see everyone again and keep learning! That support from everyone is going to be a huge help for him and the obstacles he has in front of him! 

Gladys has been moving forward as well! She gave up smoking the very day that we taught the Word of Wisdom. The last time we visited her she told us that she personally prayed, and felt another time of peace and calmness in her heart and mind and is so grateful for what she is experiencing. She is already inviting people to her baptism the first Saturday of September! 

Just with these two people and that excitement of the Work of Salvation the Branch has been getting more excited to go out and do their Visiting Teaching assignments and are wanting to go with us to visit people too! The work of the Lord truly does unite and bring a unique Spirit. 

Then this Weekend- Saturday Night to be exact - I got a call from the President of the Branch and I needed to give a talk the next day. Sister Dow (a sister missionary here) also got asked Saturday night, so we coordinated and talked about the 2 parts we had gone over in our last Zone Training. The word "Come" and "Follow". She talked about the word "Come" and how that is Christ asking us to Come Unto Him and sacrifice what we have and who we were before. Come unto Christ is the Law of Sacrifice and the way we grow in obedience. I then talked about "Follow". I put some scriptures together that explain "Follow" and how that word is the Law of Consecration. Consecrating ourselves to the Gospel of Christ in our lives. 

Here are the scriptures and you guys can have fun reading and pondering on what they say. Abraham 23-27, Moses 4:2, 3rd Nephi 11:11, 3rd Nephi 12:48. And then these next ones are the answers to doing it: 2nd Nephi 31:10,12,16,20. And then thinking about Consecration- which is what Christ did since before the world was- is a Celestial Law. DC 88:22. 

I know that Christ is our example and the only way that will be able to return to our Heavenly Father is by following Him. I know that this is His work and I am trying to be better at doing it how he wants and giving away my own will. Christ is our Savior and the source of all Light, Life, and Forgiveness, and the best part is that He Lives. I know that He is the one who leads this church and it is His only true church here on Earth. We have the blessing to have that, and the responsibility to share it with others! Love you all and hope you have a great week! And for everyone that is starting up school- HAVE FUN :D.
                    ELDER Devashrayee
"Style & Class"  Elder Abel & I :)

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