Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One Sweet Roller-Coaster & Gospel Blesses Families..... 8-26-14

Hey Hey HEY!!! Well this past week has been one sweet roller-coaster in almost every aspect.  From investigators to the weather! But I'm so grateful for what I have been given and for things that I get to keep learning. So first off, last week it actually got pretty hot and reminded of how much I hated the heat in Rivera. It was supposedly the heat before a huge storm that they have here every year the last couple weeks of August and the beginning of September. It was in the forecast to arrive last Thursday but it just stayed warm for a few days and I started to really doubt that it would come. We took advantage of the good weather though with more people outside and a different buzz in the air- I like that buzz. :) 

Needless to say the storm hit!  So it turns out that Sunday it came in and it was just little sprinkles at first, but then Monday was a different story! There was a ton of wind and it just looked nasty. Monday night we were walking home in a down pour and wind throwing the rain into our face. Sparks were flying from the power lines that were blowing. I honestly thought at first that someone was shooting flares. It was quite the arrival and is still here at its finest!

So we got quiet the surprise this week from one of the investigators we have had for awhile, Matias Rios. He sent us a text and wanted to talk to us in the church when he got back from work. We met up with him there and even before we could start talking he was already telling us that he has split up from his girl friend because he wants and feels that baptism is the best thing for him to do!! I couldn't believe it. I just sat there smiling for 20 minutes and that whole night I just kept telling Elder Abel how happy I was. I believe he started to think that I took something:)  Matias Rios is set up to get baptized with his mom on the 6th of September. He has been coming to church for a long time, and received the answer that this is what he needs to do! His mom is an investigator of the Hermanas here and the two are incredible! The Gospel blesses families. It is an Eternal Truth of the Gospel. 

We also met a really nice guy who has difficulty speaking because he had a stroke and is just barely starting to speak again. It was amazing to see his gratefulness to the Lord for saving him and blessing him with the miracles he is seeing in his own life. It was hard for him to really grasp the message, but he said we can come back! Hopefully the Lord keeps blessing him. 

Now onto Heber and Gladys. Gladys is progressing so rapidly and has already invited practically everyone to her baptism! Her and Heber went Friday with Matias Rios to the Throwback Dance at the Stake Center and loved it! Saturday Gladys went with us to the Stake Conference Adult Session, and it was weird to see Heber not wanting to go. Gladys enjoyed it and was excited to go to the next session Sunday morning. The sad news came though... We showed up Sunday morning and Gladys said that Heber had tried to commit suicide during the night. I couldn't believe it. He has just had so many trials and the Schizophrenia hit. We are trying to do everything we can to help him get out of this depression and trust in the Lord, but it hasn't been easy and it won't be easy. He ended up being okay though and Gladys still went Sunday morning. She has a lot of faith and trust in the Lord.

We had a Satellite Transmission and Elder Bednar talked to All of Uruguay and Paraguay! That part was amazing (like he always is) and we all left with a different perspective of Christ and the importance of Repentance. I know that he lives and His Atonement has already paid for every single one of our sins if we will just have faith in Him and ask for that forgiveness with a change of heart. 2 Nephi 31: 13. This church is true, and I have been feeling that testimony grow more and more in me. I know that Christ will come and I want to be part of those ready to receive Him. This is His church and gives us the Fullness of how we can prepare. Love you all and have a great week!
                       ELDER Devashrayee
p.s. Monday was Independence Day for Uruguay, so our schedule changed this week and P-Day is today.
Candlelight Cookies and Milk

Monday, August 18, 2014

Band of Brothers in Faith & "Come & Follow"...... 8-18-14

Hey Hey HEY!! (in the Fat Albert Voice) Hahaha for some reason that got stuck in my head a little bit ago and almost every call that I make or receive with missionaries I answer like that! If nothing else it causes them to chuckle and relax a tad.

So lets just say that this past week went really well! We have been working a ton with Heber and Gladys, and they are progressing really well! Heber has some really strong addictions to overcome, and is dropping them behind little by little! The best part was the activity that we had with the Priesthood Saturday night. We had 12 Men show up which was a miracle! It was good though because every single one of us left grateful for going. We talked about us growing together more and being a Band of Brothers in Faith. Heber went and was blown away by the unity that he felt and the privilege to be welcomed into a close friendship based on serving God and Christ. He was just excited to come back the next day see everyone again and keep learning! That support from everyone is going to be a huge help for him and the obstacles he has in front of him! 

Gladys has been moving forward as well! She gave up smoking the very day that we taught the Word of Wisdom. The last time we visited her she told us that she personally prayed, and felt another time of peace and calmness in her heart and mind and is so grateful for what she is experiencing. She is already inviting people to her baptism the first Saturday of September! 

Just with these two people and that excitement of the Work of Salvation the Branch has been getting more excited to go out and do their Visiting Teaching assignments and are wanting to go with us to visit people too! The work of the Lord truly does unite and bring a unique Spirit. 

Then this Weekend- Saturday Night to be exact - I got a call from the President of the Branch and I needed to give a talk the next day. Sister Dow (a sister missionary here) also got asked Saturday night, so we coordinated and talked about the 2 parts we had gone over in our last Zone Training. The word "Come" and "Follow". She talked about the word "Come" and how that is Christ asking us to Come Unto Him and sacrifice what we have and who we were before. Come unto Christ is the Law of Sacrifice and the way we grow in obedience. I then talked about "Follow". I put some scriptures together that explain "Follow" and how that word is the Law of Consecration. Consecrating ourselves to the Gospel of Christ in our lives. 

Here are the scriptures and you guys can have fun reading and pondering on what they say. Abraham 23-27, Moses 4:2, 3rd Nephi 11:11, 3rd Nephi 12:48. And then these next ones are the answers to doing it: 2nd Nephi 31:10,12,16,20. And then thinking about Consecration- which is what Christ did since before the world was- is a Celestial Law. DC 88:22. 

I know that Christ is our example and the only way that will be able to return to our Heavenly Father is by following Him. I know that this is His work and I am trying to be better at doing it how he wants and giving away my own will. Christ is our Savior and the source of all Light, Life, and Forgiveness, and the best part is that He Lives. I know that He is the one who leads this church and it is His only true church here on Earth. We have the blessing to have that, and the responsibility to share it with others! Love you all and hope you have a great week! And for everyone that is starting up school- HAVE FUN :D.
                    ELDER Devashrayee
"Style & Class"  Elder Abel & I :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

House on my LEFT & Sincere Prayers.... 8-11-14

What a Spirit filled/Testimony builder week. That is truly how I feel about the week! There must be something that Elder Abel is doing because he is just bringing a great number of blessings to Delta! They always say that the new missionaries do that, and I now know that it is true. Now for the explanation. 

So this past week was going really well for me personally in every single one of my studies that I had. I have started the Book of Mormon again in Spanish, and it seemed like everything I was reading was fitting right into what I needed, our area needed, and what the District needed. It was after 4-5 days in a row of powerful feelings while I studied that I could feel my testimony grow so much about the Power of the Book of Mormon and the importance of the Spirit while reading. It then lead to an experience that I wont be able to forget. 

Last Thursday as we were walking to meet with one of the Less Actives. We were just walking along talking about what we were going to teach and practicing some Spanish when I was honestly just directed to contact the house to my left. I was already walking up to the door when I told him I think we were going to talk to them. There was a little boy out front, and we asked him If we could talk to his parents. He ran inside and brought his mother out to talk to us. We began chatting a little and we asked her if she had ever had the opportunity to talk with Missionaries- She had never talked to them, just had seen them pass by every once in awhile. She accepted to listen to us, but she said she was already baptized in the Catholic Church and she actually went to school to learn how to be a Monk. 

While we were explaining what we do her cousin walked in and we invited him to listen too- He accepted also. We talked about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they just listened intently to what we were saying. The Spirit kept building in the lesson. We talked about Joseph Smith and the role he played in bringing the Gospel back to earth in its fullness, and we explained to them that every single person can get answers to their prayers if they pray in faith. We knelt down and he offered to say the prayer. It was one of the most sincere prayers I have heard, and the Spirit testified of everything we had just said. We asked them how they felt at that time and they could only say that they felt such an immense peace in their life and home. I can personally say that I have never felt such an overwhelming sense of peace. The Spirit touched every single one of us in that moment with such power. We invited them to be baptized right then and both of them accepted and asked the hour of their baptism. I left feeling so grateful for the chance that the Lord gave us to be messengers at that time, and to let the Spirit be there so strongly. 

They went to church Sunday and we were able to have a lesson with them in front of the Baptismal Font explaining how they will be ready for that day as they keep listening and are willing to follow every Commandment of God. That is when Gladys prayed and she was just so grateful for everything and said that she can't wait to be baptized. Another sincere prayer of faith. 

Read 1 Nephi 4:6 and 2 Nephi 33:1 I know that the Spirit guides us and we truly are instruments in the Lord´s hands. He says it Himself that His work is our Salvation and Eternal Life, and we are blessed enough to be able to take part in that work as those who know the Gospel. I know that He Lives and this Is His Church here on the Earth. He directs the work and we have the blessing to be able to join in. Love you all and hope you have a great week! :)
                                     ELDER Devashrayee
Elder Abel got a warm welcome to Uruguay!

Monday, August 4, 2014

New Comp, Exercise & New Memories.... 8-4-14

Another week has flown by, and it was definitely a crazy one! So we had changes and Wednesday was one long day. So we got up early and put all of the luggage that Elder D Castillo had in Matias´ car and made the trip over to his new area that is still in our zone. Dropped him off, I am going to miss that Mexican! He was another great comp and we had so many fun times here in Delta doing the work. Like normal it was a little hard to say bye to him, but at least he is still in our Zone. 
Our last night - The Tree Amigos!  Elder Del Castillo, Me and Matias - having fun!

After, Matias took me to the mission home to go get ready to meet my ´kid` :) I was actually pretty anxious sitting there eating breakfast and listening to the Assistants talk about our role and explaining what we can do to help the Newbies get comfortable and feel welcomed. After we had the little "meeting the comp" training and while we were waiting as trainers to go and meet our new comps I felt like I was in the tunnel getting ready to play some ball!! It had been so long since I had had that butterfly feeling, but I loved the anticipation that there was. 

My comp was faced the other way with his eyes closed, and I stood behind and we as trainers sang Called to Serve and then they were able to open their eyes and turn around and we began to get to know each other. It was funny though because standing behind him it was easy to tell that he was Gringo :) His name is Elder Abel! He is from St George (San Jorge) Utah! He just barely graduated this past year from Pine View High School. He was a cross country runner in high school :)

We already got a good run in, and I quickly learned what a year does to being in shape hahaha, but with him that will be fun to be able to run more often! He has a huge desire to learn, and is doing a great job getting settled into mission life. We have been working on Spanish a lot, and I have kinda been his translator for these first few days. It made me think of how I felt starting and not understanding a thing anyone was saying.  But with time it will come and that's what I keep telling him to remember. 

Last night we had a cool experience, and it seems like since he got here we have just been having those memorable experiences! We were with a young couple who aren't married and have 2 kids. The father is a member who got baptized when he was 8 but never went again and his wife isn't a member. We were talking and introducing the Book of Mormon to them. While we were explaining the importance of this book and how it describes the Plan of Salvation that God has for us she opened up. She said that her Father had died 6 months ago and she wanted to know the Plan of God. We testified of God and that plan and how she will be able to be with her Father again through things she does here on Earth. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted the invitation! What strong spirit there was in that little house. 

I know that this Church is True and has the Restored Gospel of Christ in its fullness. I know that God loves us and we have the chance to learn of Him and one day become like our Heavenly Father. 1 John 3: 1-3 testifies of that truth. I love the work we are doing and the responsibility of members of His church to teach and help others come to know of this truth. There are so many who don't know the Perfect Plan that God has for us. Love you all and hope you have a great week! 
                        ELDER Devashrayee
My New Comp - Elder Abel