Monday, July 7, 2014

Youth Are The Future & Walking Better Now! ..... 7-7-14

Ankle is doing better (don't worry Mom :) ) I will start doing those exercises too, thanks for all of the recommendations everyone! Thanks all for the love, concern and prayers- they were felt. I have another check-up tomorrow with the doctor. My comp has been awesome! He is a stud! I have been able to walk okay lately, just gets swollen and sore by the end of the day walking around. Just glad to be out of the wheel chair! To be honest I feel like I am learning so much from him. 

"Maaaaax! Get my cloak!" It's getting chilly down here in Delta del Tigre Uruguay! Almost every night we have thick fog roll in, and the temperature just drops. The problem is that the cold isn't like the cold in the States... All of that Humidity just seeps through everything and everywhere. Now I know why we were told to bring a WARM sleeping bag. 

But it was a great week of work. The activity that we had planned for the youths turned out to be a huge success! We played games behind the church in the Cancha (field/court area) to help them get to know each other. While we were playing the leaders were setting up a little movie and cooking hot dogs for everyone. All of the kids enjoyed the first part, and the second part was great. The young women and young men`s presidents shared a short video about Returning Home. Its another version of Prodigal Son. They talked about the importance of being young and making good choices to be able to return home to our parents here on Earth every night, and to be able to return to our Heavenly Father in the long run. More than 30 kids came! Luckily they had bought a ton of Hot dogs :) It was worth it too! We had 5 of those youth go to church Sunday and they had a little class with the Sister Missionaries that are working in this Branch too. 

The area has been a tough one, but I enjoy the challenge and it requires everything we can do to wake up the less actives and find investigators that are going to progress. It's surprising how many different people we have found these past couple weeks.... The hunt is challenging, but we will get there! 

We have one investigator and her brother that live together and he is a member that hasn't gone to church for over 30 years. Elder del Castillo found them last change and they live in this one room house that is in terrible condition. We have been working with them a lot, and trying to help them get out of the horrible conditions that they are living in. The other day we rounded up some extra blankets and took them to their house so they could actually sleep. The cold has kept them up. It is a sad situation because he has to work every day, just to be able to eat that night, and his sister is really sick. The Gospel really has been the only thing that has been helping him stop drinking and not smoking as much.

I know that the Hope in Christ is what gives us the hope in this life. Every single one of us can change and be better through the Atonement of Christ. I have been picking out parts out of Moroni 7 lately and noticing the importance of our Faith and Hope in Christ, and the Charity we can ask for to act like Him. His example is perfect, and I know that this is His church- He leads it, and is accelerating the work in these days! D&C 88: 73 has already started and we are part of that! Love you all and thanks for the support! It is definitely a hard area but we are moving forward :) Love you all and hope you have a great week! Oh and Happy Birfday Merica!! Ya it was weird to think that I couldn't do anything for the 4th! I was just waiting to see fireworks, and they never came. 
                       ELDER Devashrayee
 This is how we feel down here :)  Herding HIS Sheep!

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