Monday, July 21, 2014

HUMP Day = Absolute Change....... 7-21-14

Well I have to start off saying HUMP DAAAAAY! (In the voice of that Camel).  Hahaha I was just laughing when one of the missionaries here said it! Ya the day that seemed so far off actually arrived. To be honest it hasn't really affected me much other than the time that I had to ponder on the past year- absolute change. That is really what I felt. I have grown so much and it really hit me as I was thinking there during my studies. The mission has truly been a huge blessing for me and I have tried to be a blessing for everyone else here in Uruguay that I serve. 

Of course there are things that I wish I would have done better, but I think that is part of what the mission does. It pushes me to be better Representatives of Christ and Serve as he would Serve. I have grown closer to Him and truly have a strong testimony of His Atonement - The true act of love. I know that we need to have faith in His name and His Divinity as the Son of God and Savior of the World. I know we need to have hope in His Atonement and hope that we can be cleaned through it. I know that we need to develop His type of Love and Charity. He truly is our example in every aspect. It isn't surprising that It is called the Doctrine of Christ because He is the center of everything we are and we will become! 

This past change we have watched the 3 minute video `Because of Him` every District Meeting to help remind us of Christ and the importance of sharing the Restored Gospel to everyone! I really encourage everyone to watch it and think about what Christ has done for each of us personally- It will be an experience. 

Well hump day was going great, and I didn't really expect anything different to happen until we stopped by the house of Matias on the way to see if he wanted to "come with us to the next lesson." I had no Idea what was going to happen next. He invited us in, and then my comp said "get comfy gringo" hahaha... joke was on me.  He had planned to have a special home made Italian Pizza with Matias who served his mission in Italy. It went great! We made pizza, laughed, and was a great lunch. My comp really did something that I wasn't expecting, I was so grateful for what he did! It made my day! Enjoy the photos of our yummy Italian meal!

We made a trip to the temple this past Saturday with our Branch, and we as Missionaries stayed outside with our investigators and the less actives that couldn't go in and had a lesson with one of the Temple workers! It was great to be able to be on the temple grounds and feel of that Spirit. It really is a place of peace!! I have sent a couple of photos of the group of us... quite a few went.

This past Sunday was also a treat. We had 4 of our Less active families go to church and 2 couples of investigators go too! We are just waiting for them to get married which takes quite awhile to happen here in Uruguay. Me and Elder D Castillo were able to speak in church, and we focused on the Doctrine of Christ. It was great to be able to talk about the things that Christ would say, and has taught. Things are going well here in Delta Del Tigre, but wow is there a lot of work to be done! Love you all and hope you have a great week! Thanks for your support and prayers. They truly do help me!
                       ELDER DEVASHRAYEE

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