Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Charge Our Batteries & Trainer To Be..... 7-29-14

Well another week flew by here in Delta! Absolutely freezing too. We don't get a ton of snow, but it is cold!  I'm going to start out with the news of the week that left me excited/nervous and everything in between... Sunday: So changes came and President Smith called us and told us that Elder Del Castillo will be going to Cerro 8 (it is still in our zone so I will be seeing him a lot) and then he told me that I am going to be training here in Delta - a fresh one straight from the MTC! Haha in the moment I was just sad that Elder Del Castillo was going, but then after is when I realized what was going to happen! So looks like the Newbie will have to suffer with me as his trainer ;) Going to be an awesome experience and definitely going to be a huge help to me! 

This past week was great though. We have been able to meet with a lot people and have great experiences teaching the Gospel. That has been a part of this change that I have loved with Elder Del Castillo. Spiritual experiences with people that gives them the boost they need in their life as well as ours. I know that those experiences are what "charge our batteries" to be better and be worthy of the blessings that the Lord has. 

We had one last week with an "eternal" investigator that has some things to get over and do before she can be baptized. We watched the video about the Life of Christ and we testified of how important He is for us as our Savior. The Spirit was there testifying to each one of us that He lives and will be our advocate. I know that what He did changes our perspective on life as we learn more about Him and look for His Spirit and Love. I have felt that change in me, and I know that lesson just strengthened my testimony of Him. 

These past couple of days we have been sharing a short scripture that is clearer than clear and straight from the Lord. 1 Corinth 9:14. We as missionaries and members of this church need to be livers of the Gospel of Christ and that will change how we live and how others around us see us. I know that this church is true and the Gospel that Christ gave to us is straight from our Heavenly Father. We just need to grow to understand it better and live it at a higher standard always. Love you all and hope you have a great week! Thanks for the prayers and support you give me! I really do appreciate it :) My ankle is doing better every week. I know that I have been blessed by keeping doing what I am supposed to do and not let it hamper my work. 
                              ELDER Devashrayee
Burger Time with Elder Del Castillo

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