Monday, June 2, 2014

Zone Divisions & Arturo's Baptism and Change.... 6-2-14

Welcome in June!! While you guys are warming up things are staying cool down here haha. Love this weather, much easier than the heat.

Well I'll give you the rundown for our past week. So we started out Tuesday having a practice of the songs that we are going to be singing for the Fireside. While we were singing and making our parts for each song I was just messing around singing the melody in my low voice like I normally do and the Zone Leader heard... Well looks like I will be part of a Sextet for the Fireside Singing the base part.I told him repeatedly that I don't know I how to sing the Base part, I just sing in a low voice. That wasn't enough! 

That day we then did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I was really hoping that I would do divisions with the Elder that asked me to sing the part so I could "practice" singing the part and just sing it terribly to try and change his mind, but that didn't happen unfortunately. I went to an area on the outskirts of Rivera. It was a great Division and I learned a lot of things from Elder Fredes. He is from Chile and has 21 months in the mission. I love the chances we get to see how others work and try to incorporate the things that they do well into our work. Learning truly is the word that describes the mission. (I will probably say another word later on, but for now that is what I have come to understand). There are so many people that we pass by and things to take in that I feel like I still am a "greenie" in the mission. I like that feeling though, because that is what pushes me to keep doing better and finding new ways to do things and teach. 

The next part was the Baptism of Arturo!! Friday we went with a member who we found out used to go to that house and teach Arturo´s mom before she passed away and Arturo moved there! So Arturo asked him if he would baptize him! Well Brother Dumas said he would if the water was actually warm, So needless to say we had the Maintenance guy come to our church and he brought a brand new Water Heater! He put it in and started it up and... It wasn't working either. He couldn't believe it, and promised that he would get the part fixed that night and Saturday we would have warm water. He did just that! We were able to get the warm water going at 2pm on Saturday and the baptism was starting at 5. 

Well the attendance for the baptism was terrible. Only 10 people showed up, but I guess that is better than no one coming. But it still went really well and Brother Dumas did a great job! It was so much better that a member he will be able to see and talk with while he lives in that ward. Arturo told us that he is was going to shave his beard that night "so he could be a new man starting the path of God!" It was such a great baptism and the best part was to be able to think back to when I first taught him and he had no knowledge of this Gospel. He has been completely changed bit by bit as he understood it piece by piece. 

I know that the Gospel of Christ really is change. It changes every person who has the desire to believe it and apply it. That feeling that I had was one that I wont forget! There is hope with Christ. We need to be willing to believe, hope, and act as he did- with Charity! I love Moroni 7 and how it explains Faith, Hope and Charity with Charity being the most important of them all. What we need to do is ask for that Love, and we will be filled with it! What a blessing for us. Love you all and have a great week! Thanks for the prayers though! I love you all a ton, and it is so comforting to know that you all are praying and backing me up! :) Peace out from URUGUAY!
                         ELDER Devashrayee

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