Monday, June 9, 2014

Fireside Prep & Helping Members Find Their Spiritual Side..... 6-9-14

Well it sounds like everything back in the 801 (and other zip codes) is going well! Everyone seems really excited for the summer, and I can't believe that school is already out again! Enjoy that sun and don't tell me too much about your crazy awesome trips... 

So for the update here in Rivera Uruguay! We had a great week of work with the normal ups and downs. Starting off with Monday night when we were finishing filling out the Baptismal Register for Arturo. He was really uneasy about giving all of this information, especially his signature, so we were there talking with him for quite some time trying to explain it all. It really is a blessing to have a church that cares about every person and wants to be able to help them. Christ knows us personally, so why wouldn´t his church? He understood and is moving forward with his understanding of the Gospel.

The week was a really cold with scattered rain which made it a little more difficult to work, but we have been seeing a lot of great things happening. First off, the Fireside is being prepared thoroughly and I can't wait for that night! The anticipation is high.  I feel like I am going to be playing a State Bball game! But no, it is a Fireside.  Crazy how the mindset of things changes with what is important. 

This Thursday we have a Conference with Elder Robbins with ALL missionaries here in Uruguay! That is something that I can't wait for also! It's going to be one great week of work and instruction.  But the other cool part was when we received a reference from the Elders that are in the area next to ours. We went that night and she wasnt there, but her husband was. He was really nice, but not interested to listen to us. He told us that his wife would listen to us though so we set up a lesson for the next morning. 

We went there and sure enough she was there and let us right in! We talked for a few minutes getting to know her, and we come to find out that she is a member. I just laughed to myself because of how many members we find that don't even show up on the ward list... But we did have an awesome experience with her. She told us that the other day one of her friends asked her if she wanted to get baptized in the church a few houses away and she said no. She later wondered why she said no, and began to think about the time that she was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. That next week we showed up, and she knew that it was the Lord trying to get her to do the right thing and start going to church again! She asked us if we could please help her to find her spiritual side again and of course we will! We told her that that is our role! Help others come unto Christ. 

Just like John 3: 16-17. God truly loves us and wants us to return to Him, and that Love He had and still has was sufficient enough to send His Son- Our Savior to the world. He came here to save us! We just need to accept Him and exercise of our faith and agency to act on that Eternal Truth. I know that he lives and knows us. His Atonement is what gives us hope and the feeling of forgiveness and comfort. I love Him and the love that my Heavenly Father and Christ have for me. Have a great week everyone and soak in those summer rays!!! Love you all!!
              ELDER Devashrayee

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