Monday, June 30, 2014

Faith Increasing & Back to the Basics.... 6-30-14

Wow I can't believe that July is already here! But I'm getting into the flow of things down here in Tigre! 
I am actually completely surrounded by water. I live on a little man-made island type thing so the weather here is freezing cold because of the humidity, very different than before. Every night there is a ton of fog, pretty cool and I like it! Bummer Uruguay lost, yes everyone was depressed after the game... It means so much for them! Hope USA can keep up the intensity and win again this week.

This past week was a huge change from what I was used to in Rivera, but the change is what I needed though. It is a struggling area, not only on the investigator side of things, but in the Branch status as well. We have a lot of Semi actives that come every once in a while and that even includes the Counselors in the Branch Presidency. I talked to President Smith this past week in Interviews and he told me that our primary work in Delta is to support the Branch President and work with every family that is Semi Active or even active: Tigre just needs to be strengthened as a whole. Sound familiar?Carmelo?

I have met a lot of different people this past week and every single one of our investigators has some sort of issue that truly requires a lot of faith to overcome. I can already feel my faith growing more and relying more on the Lord. I am growing as a person as well as my testimony.

My comp, Elder Del Castillo is awesome! He makes me laugh all the time and it is really nice to have someone who speaks Spanish as a comp. We get along really well teaching and trying to help every family feel edified by the Spirit with the desire to do something more to grow closer to the Lord. He has been a big help to me this week!

This upcoming week we have 2 activities that this past week we have been planning for. This branch doesn't have any young men and only 1 young woman going to church regularly, so we are putting together a mixed mutual activity with the YM and YW leaders this Tuesday. The other activity is for the Young Single Adults here on Thursday. It has been fun planning them and trying to include the members in having some sort of responsibility. We are really trying to get Moroni 6: 4-6 as part of this branches theme. The youth, as well as everyone else, needs to be fed by the good Word and trying to help others. We need to be talking and worrying about those that aren't going to church so we need to strengthen those that should be the backbone here. It is part of our responsibility as missionaries.  

Then comes the part that I didn't like about the week haha. So we were playing soccer and a whole bunch of people had showed up, even a few pastors, and in the middle of all of the fun I sprained my ankle pretty badly. It blew up so fast! I thought of you mom and how I unfortunately inherited your weak ankles... The members made me use a wheelchair for a couple days because nobody has crutches that would "fit" me. That was probably the most humiliating thing for me.  Not used to being the one that needs help. It was fun though because we contacted a few people and the wheelchair was a great conversation starter! Everything is okay for now. They took an x-ray and said it isn't broken, but they couldn't see very well if there was anything smaller because of the swelling. I have another quick visit this next week. It'll all be fine! 

Love you all and hope you have a great week. Be diligent in prayer and trust The Lord in everything. Thanks for your support in prayer! The church is true!
                         ELDER Devashrayee
My new mode of transportation - kind of sucks!

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