Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Heading to Delta del Tigre & Over 500 attended Our Fireside - Success!!!..... 6-17-14

What a week people!! To start off, YES I was able to watch the Uruguay World Cup game at a members home. President told us that we could/should do that so we stay up to date and informed because it will come up, no matter where we are. I look forward to the next couple of games. I included a photo of my game attire.... sweet!

Next, with the news that I received Sunday.... I am now heading to Delta Del Tigre, it is close to Montevideo! My comp is Elder Del Castillo from Mexico! He has 6 months in the mission and everyone has been telling me that he is an awesome missionary so I am excited! I will also continue as District Leader down there. It was a little bit of a shocker to be thinking that I will be leaving this area here in Rivera, but that is where the Lord needs me to work next, so I will go and I will do! 

Have I told you how much I don't like to leave people and say Goodbye. It was torture yesterday.... Mario told me that I am like a son to him and he is planning on going to Salt Lake some day! I told him to look me up. My last name isn't too hard to locate, and we are all related :) And the old couple I sent a photo of really are like my grandparents here. He is ill with Parkinson's and we have passed by to talk with them, given him blessings, and every Sunday we bring them the Sacrament. It was hard to say goodbye to them all. Cherished Friendships!

Now for the weeks update. Thursday we made the early morning trip down to Montevideo for the Mission wide meeting with President! It was great to be able to see all of the missionaries from our mission together, and feel of the power that we really do have from the Lord as Representatives of Him. President and his wife talked to us about the Tongue of Angels, and should be something that we are striving to have all the time. It changes attitudes and only elevates others. It is an attribute that we will be using for the rest of our life, and will only bring peace into every home and conversation. The talk that Elder Holland gave about this topic is incredible. 

That same day we went over to the other mission to have the 2 mission conference with President Robbins. Talk about even more power! He really focused on how we need to be searching for the Spirit in every aspect of the work and throughout the day, which includes speaking like Angels- It's cool how the Lord inspires. After we talked about how a testimony will never be gained through our 5 senses. It requires the Spirit and a belief in the Lord. We carry that Spirit to the hearts of the people, and they can decide to accept it and act or to leave it by the side. He also talked about how the mission is the Lord´s University with patience 101 cooking 1010 and communication 505. We have the chance to be able to develop these important attributes and enjoy every moment. 

Then it came time for the big event Sunday! We had a rehearsal Saturday and Sunday before the Fireside began, and we felt very prepared with our parts. The fireside brought over 500 people and every single one, including us, had an experience that we will never forget. Mario was invited to give his testimony/story of how he found the church, along with a few other recent converts. Our songs went perfectly and the Spirit was present there. All of the people there left really excited for the next fireside that we are going to have!! I know that that was what the people needed, and will be a lift to the members and how we can work together. 

Truly a great week, but I'm going to miss Chico 2 here and the great people that I have come to know. And after 2 changes with Elder Gropp it is going to be hard to leave. Such a great companion and now it is time to keep moving forward! I know that the Lord lives and gives us strength in every moment. This church changes lives, and we saw many examples of that in the Fireside. That only happens because the Gospel of Christ has been restored in its fullness and Christ directs the Church through a living Prophet that directs the work here on Earth. I'm so grateful for the chance that I have to be able to tell others that and testify of it. Every Day is important and our mission Motto has taught me that- Hoy Es El Día!! It is the day for our salvation and the day that the Lord is speeding up His work and we need to join in! Love you all and hope you have a great week!  
                     ELDER Devashrayee
Bert and Ernie have had a great run on Sesame Street!

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