Monday, May 19, 2014

Prayers of Faith = Increase Miracles..... 5-19-14

This past week was quite the week! So I started off the week feeling really "trunky" to be completely honest. I kept thinking about how much I love my family and my friends and the great memories I have from my "little boy years". It was tough, but things definitely changed Tuesday night. That is when I am thankful that life keeps moving!

We had been thinking about how to help Arturo progress and have an experience that will help him keep moving forward. We felt like we needed to go over the power of our desires. We shared that with him and how everything we teach we know to be true, but if he wants to know it depends on him and his faith to ask in his prayers- something we had already talked to him about. But, this time the Spirit was there really strongly. He told us that he knows it is true because of what we do as missionaries- Walk around, carrying the word of God to everyone. At the end of the lesson he agreed to pray and it was the first time that I truly felt like he was progressing. It was a sincere prayer from his heart. We left his house excited for him and hopeful that the Lord was going to answer him. 

That night I began to think about the example he gave me of a humble sincere prayer. I thought a lot about that and how I could pray with more faith and sincerity in every prayer and ask the Lord to help me. I ended up getting my answer. 

Thursday we went to Tacuarembó early in the morning to have a "five zone" conference with our mission president as well as President Ceballos from the 70. President Smith talked about just that with us. Prayers of Faith. He gave the example in Alma 31: 30-38. The Lord visits us in our afflictions to give us the strength to keep pushing forward, not to take away the trial. We need to put more trust in Him and pray with Faith for what we need. Miracles happen with prayers of faith. It was a direct answer to what I had been thinking about. 

Then today we had our studies in the morning. I read 3 Nephi 19 that talked about Christ with the Disciples and praying with them. Christ smiles and cries because of the great joy he felt because of the Faith that those people had in Him. Our prayers of faith bring a smile to his face as well as ours. We truly will see miracles pass in our lives and feel the Spirit more fully. It even says at the end of the chapter Christ tells the Nephites that they had seen and heard all of those great things because of their great faith. That fundamental principles and actually the 1st principle of the Gospel of Christ changes our lives. Faith! Acting and cultivating that Faith in Him. It is an action and process that should never stop in our lives, and unfortunately I had forgotten that. 

Luckily this past week I received the guidance that I needed through the guides I have here. My leaders, the scriptures, and the Spirit. I learned a lot, and now its time to put it to the test! Faith and works go hand in hand so lets all grow our faith a little more and act more! I know that this principle is true. It is the first step we need to take to really gain a testimony of Him and His Gospel. I know that this church is true and the scriptures truly are inspired words for us today to read, ponder, and apply. The Lord really does hear prayers and will give us the strength we need to get through whatever trial we may have. He loves us and smiles every time we act on faith in Him. The best Big Brother we could ask for. Love you all and hope you have a great week! 
                           ELDER Devashrayee
I found Herby down here in Uruguay!

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