Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day, Strive to Continually Grow, and "Wake UP"...... 5-12-14

Happy Mothers Day (LATE)! And they most definitely celebrate it down here too. This past Saturday we had a ward activity at the church. I was surprised with how many people showed up, but I realized after the activity why. They all shared experiences with their Mothers or poems that they wrote for their mother. Mothers are appreciated even down here :) A memorable time for me. 

And Sunday was my time :)  I enjoyed being able to talk to my mom and Fam! It seems like everyone is just getting older... really weird how that works, but I guess that is what happens. Made me truly take into account the many blessings that I have all around me. I have such a great family and role models in my life. So many people that have made an impact on my life, and helped me get to this point that I am at right now - doing the work of the Lord, the most important thing I could be doing right now. It scared me a little bit to think how fast the time has been going by. Seems like doing the things that bring us joy always fly by! 

Ya the mission has been tough, but I have gained a lot more and really grown to understand what my purpose here is, and what will bring me the most happiness. That is the Gospel of Christ. A Gospel of Hope and Change. That has been a motivation for me the past few months here, something that I learned, and keep testing. It is what Everyone has the opportunity to do. Every person has their individual time, and way of coming to know of the truth that there is in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

We have really been stressing that with the Members here in Chico 2. We all need to work on our own conversion to Christ, and be willing to share the great news of the Fullness of the Gospel that was restored to the Earth because of the Love and Perfect Plan of our Heavenly Father. Why do we fear sharing the happiness? 

Our investigator Arturo has been investigating the church for 4 months now, and has made slow, but sure progress. We keep teaching with Patience and letting the Spirit work in him. He has had a fear of praying in front of us, but this past week he prayed twice. They were sincere prayers. It was an example to me of the importance of a sincere prayer- expressing our gratitude, and asking for the help we need most during the day. The Lord has commanded us to Ask! He wants to know that we are putting faith in Him. 

The other cool part this week was Danilo got Confirmed this past Sunday. He continues to be a great example to everyone. This week I read in Alma 57: 21,22 26,27 and he was a great example of Faith, Obedience, and Trust. We are protected and guided if we will strive to grow these 3 principles. We should always be developing ourselves. All of my contacts have shown that to me, but Danilo has been special that way. 

Our Stake Presidency talked to our ward yesterday about how we need to all "wake up" because "everything isn't ok in Zion". There is so much work to do, and ways to become more like Christ. There isn't time to waste! Everyone is needed in this process. Today is the Day to do it! Love you all and hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day - I sure did! 
                               ELDER Devashrayee

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