Monday, May 26, 2014

Doubt - don't like that word, Higher Than a Kite & King Benjamin!..... 5-26-14

The Weather has changed, and wow the change was fast! This past week we have had some freezing cold days. Luckily for us we have the chance to walk around :). 

So I'll start with the good news. Which that's all that I have had this week, it was a good week! We went to Arturo at the beginning of last week with a member from our ward. He served his mission in Uruguay a little while back (not as far back as you dad:) ). He has been praying and we are working with him on reading and understanding what the scriptures say and mean for us. We went feeling like this was the time to give him another date for his baptism. We began talking about baptism and how it is just a step towards returning to God and that we were thinking about the 31st of May for his baptism. That is when Wilder (the member) began to testify of baptism and his own baptism. He really brought another aspect to the lesson and Arturo accepted the date! 

We then went back the next day to go over the Commandments again and he said that he had a doubt. I hate the word ´doubt´ and I started to get a little worried, but it ended up being a doubt that shows how much he wants to do the right. He doesn't know if he is going to be going back out to work in the fields soon and he would feel bad if he couldn't keep going to church every Sunday because the field where he would work is really far away. We talked with him and the Bishop Sunday about how he could go to another church that is closer to where he works if that is what he needed and his doubt was solved. So for now we have a Baptism planned for this Saturday!! And it looks like it will be another cold one! Baptism of faith. 

The other great news from the week came yesterday. President Smith made a trip up here to Rivera to talk to us personally and came with some awesome news! We are going to be having a Stake Wide Fireside by us, the missionaries with him. He talked to us about putting what President Monson said to action. Now is the time for the missionaries and the members to unite and the Lord will help us AS WE ACT with FAITH. He told us about how the Prayers of Faith mean we will need to act too. This Fireside is going to be a great time for us as missionaries to talk with our members and invite them to go and for them to invite someone. To put to action the challenge of what was said. Invite someone every 3 months to do something like go to church or listen to the missionaries. We need to be talking with everyone and making invitations 24/7 to everyone we see to come unto Christ, and now we have the chance to do something that has never been done in Uruguay and there will be more interest from the people. 

I left the little talk he had with us higher than a kite! We went straight to Mario´s house to invite him to it as well as his family. He was so excited for it and his family said that they are going to be thinking about it. It seems like I have just been being reminded of the Basic Principles lately, which have truly been making the difference in what I am doing. I know that the actions of Faith after prayers of Faith will bring miracles. The Lord always taught and invited others to follow Him in Faith and I have the chance and privilege to be able to represent Him here in Uruguay! Love you all and I know that The Gospel of Christ saves lives, and us as members should always be acting with faith to invite! 
                         ELDER Devashrayee
I played King Benjamin in Primary this week... 
The kids were laughing at me trying to get on the "tower".

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